From low-down, dirty racer to even lower-down, dirty racer. Cybertron Dirt Boss!

Because you can never have too many life up-ending things going at the same time, we have decided to move (to a bigger place which means more room for the display!) Basically that means that as I start packing away the Transformers on display and pulling the boxes of the others from the closet, the posts are going to get even more random for the next couple weeks. For example: the Velocitronian, Cybertron Dirt Boss.

Though I was mentally unable to watch Cybertron due to the remarkably poor dub, I was able to watch — and quite enjoy — Galaxy Force, the Japanese version of the series, thanks to a fan subtitled upload. If you have an aversion to the U.S. releases of the “Unicron Trilogy”, I would highly recommend downloading the fan-subbed versions of at least Galaxy Force, it is well worth it.

One of my favourite things about the series is that unlike most Transformers series before it, it wasn’t restricted to Earth and/or Cybertron. I really like the idea of four ships sent out to form a massive, colony-based Space Bridge network that ultimately failed, with the three successful colonies moving on to evolve into unique societies over so long that they become unaware of their own origins as Cybertronians.

Though I do like smaller-focused shows like Transformers Prime as well, galaxy-spanning adventures and multiple space colonies is a far more interesting idea to me than a lot of what has been offered in the way of Transformers fiction. The savage Jungle Planet of Animatron, the Giant Planet of Gigantion, and the Speed Planet of Velocitron each developed their own societal intricacies; a concept I could easily see sustaining far more fiction than we ended up receiving (mostly no thanks to Pat Lee, a.k.a. the worst thing to ever happen to Transformers comic books).

Hailing from Velocitron, the unwilling, part-time Decepticon Dirt Boss was one of my favourite characters from the series.

Despite his bad nature and angry attitude, we was initially unwilling to work with the Decepticons and even eventually ended up defecting over to the Autobot cause in the end. One more reason I like him is his “Cyber-key” gimmick actually makes sense for his planet of origin.

With all the rest of the Velocitronians, their Cyber-keys unlock weaponry in both robot or alt mode. With Dirt Boss, his Cyber-key unlocks weapons in robot mode.

But in alt mode, allows him to convert from an off-road capable monster truck into a lower, faster on-road racing mode.

There are times that I miss Transformers series that don’t take themselves too seriously, like Cybertron and Robots in Disguise, and the imaginative toys that came along with them.


3 thoughts on “From low-down, dirty racer to even lower-down, dirty racer. Cybertron Dirt Boss!

  1. *Sigh* Come August I shall be going the same and I am semi-dreading all of the packing. Best of luck with your move, sir!

    Despite having not watched the series, there are many gems in that line. Although some/many figures “suffer” from some crazy *intentional* kibble and asymmetry, it really does give a lot of those characters… er, character!

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