The fine line between protection and oppression.Cybertron Scourge!

Apparently by “random” in my last post, I meant “back-to-back Cybertron posts”. As I was packing Cybertron Dirt Boss away again I saw this guy and was reminded of something; I freaking love transforming dragons.

As the leader of the violent and dangerous Beast Planet, Animatron, Scourge proved a surprisingly deep character. Much like Dirt Boss, Scourge starts out a bad guy and makes the journey over to the role of good guy. Unlike Dirt Boss, Scourge does it in part due to the intervention of a little girl.

Lori, one of the three children of the show, forces the brute to recognize that no matter how far you are from the path of good or how pure your intentions were when you left it; it is never too late to turn your back on oppression and use your strength to fight for those that don’t have the power to fight for themselves.

Meanwhile, Scourge’s toy is one of the best molds of the entire series; though I might be biased because I am quite partial to dragons. The paintjob, with its red, gold, and black with purple highlights, is wonderful. The sculpt is highly detailed and his cyber-key gimmick causes two additional heads to pop up from his shoulders; making him even more menacing looking.

Thanks to his toy’s design, these additional heads can also be presented in robot mode.

His weapon, a massive axe formed from his alt mode’s tail, is pretty impressive as well.

Surprisingly Scourge received a repaint the year after his initial release loosely based on another Transformer dragon, Cryotek. Himself a slight remold of Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Megatron, Cryotek was done in icy shades of blue.

I did say “loosely based”.

To match his new blue hue, Cryo Scourge was given a bio which states that,

“Long exposure to the freezing waste of deep space has irreversibly mutated SCOURGE®. No longer a flame-spewing monster consumed by his passions, he is now a creature of ice and cold.”

Unfortunately, it goes on to add that he is now “calculating, cruel, and without mercy”, effectively wiping out all that wonderful character growth from the show. I personally think it would have been preferable to have just renamed him as the Cyberton incarnation of Cryotek.

Very loosely based…

He retains the original mold’s less impressive lights and sounds, as well as the cyber-key gimmick.

Scourge would get a legends class release but what was more interesting was the repaint of his legends class toy done as Classics Trypticon. The once massive “Grim Decepticon Destroyer” reduced to an adorable little baby dragon. Now, I realize that legends class toys are meant to represent normal sized Transformers in a smaller toy scale, but in this case I prefer to think of it as his actual scale next to the other deluxes and voyagers. The story of how Trypticon went from transforming city to practically minicon sized has to be a good one.

Whatever the story, you can never have too many transforming dragons.


5 thoughts on “The fine line between protection and oppression.Cybertron Scourge!

  1. Packed away, sadly. I briefly considered trying to locate him along with RiD Megatron, Timelines Deathsaurus, Mechatron, TM2 Megatron, BWII Galvatron, Classics Nightscream, Universe Brimstone, Savage, and Hun-Gurrr. 🙂 That would be an epic picture right there.

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