The triumphant return of the leader that never was. Beast Machines Primal Prime!

Primal Prime has a special place in my heart. I know I say that a lot, but hey, what can I say? I have a big heart.

For this guy in particular it was my purchasing victory of Botcon 2002. Unfortunately he had been a rather limited run (the TFWiki states that he was limited to only 10,000) and I never saw hide nor hair of him at retail. As I hit the dealer floor for the first time at Botcon 2002, I made a beeline for the Big Bad Toy Store tables and there he was, for a very, very reasonable price; the only one. I waited patiently for my turn and while I was doing so a pushy, grubby kid elbowed his way up, followed by his parents. “There! Him! Therrrrrrrrre!” You guessed it, he was pointing right at the one and only Primal Prime. His father began to elbow me out of the way to see better, just as the BBTS rep walked up. “I want-“, the rude little child started. I interjected, “Actually, I was here first,”

The adult hidden somewhere in me should let him have the toy.

“I’ll take that Primal Prime.”

I didn’t look back as I strode triumphantly away with my wonderful new Primal Prime. I think the kid may have started crying. Like I said, I have a big heart.

A remold of Beast Wars Transmetal Optimal Optimus Primal, he is essentially the same toy done in Optimus Prime-like colours. The remold part is actually his missile launcher functionality. Optimal Optimus had one trigger to both launch his missiles as well as light up his cannon’s light gimmick. Naturally this lead to people shooting themselves directly in the eyeball at close range while trying to see him light up. Primal Prime uses a different trigger for the lights than the missiles.

Optimal Optimus was already one of my favourite toys from Beast Wars, so painting him up like Optimus Prime and tossing in some random translucent pieces just makes the toy that much more awesome.

Even better is giving him a justifiable backstory that includes being an amalgamation of Primes of the past through the use of the Matrix. He combines Vok, Maximal, and Autobot technology “forged from the remnants of a control suit used to manipulate Optimal Optimus during the Beast Wars”. The control suit, of course, being the one from the Beast Wars episode “Master Blaster”, that Quickstrike pilots as a remote control for Optimal Optimus.

The only annoying part is that we never get to see his Primal Prime’s beast mode in any of the fiction. This is one seriously tough-looking techno-ape.

Thanks to his light piping being enhanced to take advantage of his light-up electronics, his light-piping is wonderful in beast mode.

He has what is charitably referred to as two vehicular alt modes. One a wheeled ground vehicle and the other a flying jet mode, neither manages anything too spectacular thanks to his giant fists protruding in both.

My favourite of the two, because it is closest to being a truck… sorry, I mean TRUKK!

But the mold does at least have the excuse of not having to base either alt mode on earthen vehicles, seeing as it was created on Earth millions of year before the vehicle.

Much like my statement regarding Double Punch before, I liked the first version of this toy, but this was the toy this mold was meant to be.


5 thoughts on “The triumphant return of the leader that never was. Beast Machines Primal Prime!

  1. Ahahaha! That is great! You always hear stories about Transfans giving up their finds for kids but you never hear about it when it goes the other way. “I’ll take that Primal Prime.” Classic, I love it. It was a good lesson for the kid too, sometimes you don’t always get what you want.

    I wasn’t really interested in Primal Prime until I started reading the Wreckers comics but I really liked him once I finally got my hands on him. Those were such great comics (for the short run that it had) and it was such an eclectic mix of characters. It makes Beast Machines almost bearable.

    • Yeah, if the kid had been even remotely respectful or if “excuse me” and “please” had come out of his mouth even once, he might have had a chance at walking away with this guy. As it was, he and his father’s rudeness cost him an awesome toy.

  2. Long space between reviews, hope your settling ohkay! Great one btw, always loved that mold but I wish they’d make a generations or rts update to it like they have with so many other old concept transformers! Add some new technology into the mix of an anyways great figure to boot!

    • Thanks! I am definitely going to get some pictures up with the new display, once I have it set up again. Once thing is for sure, Primal Prime will be having a more central position in the new display rather than high up in a corner as he was.

  3. You’re the one that bought him out from under me? I cried all day.

    Seriously, I really like the paint job. Optimal Optimus was my favorite from the Beast Wars run and I didn’t even know that there was a Beast Machines redeco. I may have to track this one down.

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