Definitely no Hero. Robots in Disguise Bludgeon!

[Oops, now that I look at the pictures I took, I am pretty sure I have him equipped with his fellow Destructicon Scourge’s missiles rather than his own. Same missiles, wrong colours.]

When G2 Megatron got a smaller, more articulated, but otherwise mostly the same follow up toy, I wasn’t much interested. Just in case the green and purple camouflage of the original wasn’t nonsensical enough, this new mold was done up in purple and black camouflage. Later on, I would regret my decision not to pick up the oddly named “Hero” Megatron as I grew to like his obnoxious paint scheme and even more obnoxious “MEGATRON RULES!” chest sticker.

In 2003, Hasbro decided to re-release the mold, completely repainted, as Robots in Disguise (despite Robots in Disguise having ended a year earlier) Bludgeon. By “completely repainted”, I mean “even more obnoxiously coloured”.

Now done in bright yellow and dark teal, R.i.D. Bludgeon is meant as an homage to the original Bludgeon, the G1 Pretender.

Unfortunately, along with being notoriously floppy, the mold is a toy that suffers greatly from the implementation of its gimmick. First, there are his missiles. Panels fold out from his arms to be able to clip his missiles on. You would think this would be a good thing.

Unfortunately, as part of the bellows system which uses air to launch them, his missiles are freaking huge. The end result is a fairly ridiculous look either when they are clipped, or when they are placed on his cannon to be launched.

And it’s not as simple as setting the missiles aside and forgetting they exist, the barrel of the cannon itself is oddly shaped to accommodate for the gimmick.

All things considered, this mold really doesn’t stand up to its larger, less articulated predecessor.

In some cases, literally. Too many swivels and joints with not enough clips and pegs makes for a seriously loose toy.


3 thoughts on “Definitely no Hero. Robots in Disguise Bludgeon!

    • I dismissed that release because of my lackluster reception of the Bludgeon version, not realizing that they fixed my biggest problem with the mold (replacing the bellows gimmick with a standard spring-loaded launcher).

      Now it’s one of those toys that I keep an eye out for to grab if I ever see it at a decent price. 😦

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