Transformers Prime/Arms Micron Breakdown and Zamu!

[Pretty much a repeat of the same Breakdown-related spoilers as last time.]

I figured that I typed so much about Breakdown in my last post, that I might as well give him his own post, now that I finally have him in my eager little hands. First up,



Ok. Enough said about that (probably too much). The fact that Breakdown is import-only and looks to stay that way means a lot of Transformers fans won’t end up with this guy in their collections and that makes me very, very sad.

This is my first Voyager Arms Micron purchase and oh my, he is wonderful. From his blocky, awkward, football player proportions, to his almost-too-small-for-his-body headsculpt, he is a nearly perfect rendition of his cartoon incarnation.  For the most the Mini-cons are supposed to emulate the weapons used in the show. In Bumblebee and Arcee‘s cases, this results in somewhat comically oversized versions of their weaponry.  Not so with Breakdown, whose fist transforms into a hammer in the show.

His Arms Micron partner, Zamu, the ridiculously cool Rhino Hammer, fits him at an appropriate scale.

Rhinoceros’ are one of my favourite animals and hammers are one of my favourite melee weapons. The very idea of a Rhino that transforms into a hammer is so right up my alley, it’s ludicrous.

If there is anything I could have asked for, it would be that I wished they had used the eyepatched version of Breakdown’s headsculpt.

Eyepatches are just cooler. I know that the Silas repaint of Breakdown is rumored to have the eyepatch head and I think that might be the only reason I still have my pre-order open, now that I have the original Breakdown.

Speaking of which, back to this guy. His transformation is tricky the first time (well, without directions, but who uses the directions unless they just absolutely have to?), but once you get it down, it’s pretty intuitive and snaps together well. Just like his robot mode, Breakdown’s alt is a cartoon-accurate as you could ask.

Even his alt mode looks like a football player. Of the smaller Cyberverse guys Breakdown was the hardest for me to find, for some reason. Unfortunately, unlike the return on investment represented by his Voyager toy, Cyberverse Breakdown does not live up to the mostly consistent levels of awesome usually found in the Cyberverse line.

The arms are just too much among other issues. This guy is one of the bruisers of the show, he really should have been a Commander scale. Much like his Voyagers toy, his Cyberverse toy has a weapon that is pretty well scaled and cartoon accurate.

Though the size of the Cyberverse gun does mess up the authenticity of it somewhat.

He looks downright adorable next to the Voyager class toy.

I couldn’t resist at least one shot of him with his erstwhile buddy and partner in crime, Knockout. The Deluxe versus Voyager makes them pretty much right in scale with each other, as if they both just stepped right out of the cartoon.

Of course, if you want to be truly cartoon-accurate with Breakdown now, you’ll have to take a hammer to the guy.


9 thoughts on “Transformers Prime/Arms Micron Breakdown and Zamu!

  1. I’ve got both Arms Micron Medic Knock-Out and War Breakdown just sitting in my room waiting to be opened…but this crazy thing called life keeps getting in the way!

    …and yes, I have to look at the instructions for just about EVERY modern TF I buy. Sad, but true.

    • So true. Life can be such roadblock to fun sometimes. Now that I’m done with the move, I hope to be unpacked sometime this century, still don’t have the Transformers display set up. I still have a huge box of unopened TFs to go through. Unfortunately, the Arms Micron stuff I keep getting in the mail is too cool to not open immediately, so poor Human Alliance Soundwave, Henkei! Henkei! Megatron, Mach Kick, War Within Skywarp, and a dozen others remain unopened.

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