Steve, Winged Steve, Mini Steve, and Other Steve. Transformers Prime, Arms Micron, and Kre-O Vehicon and Igu!

I take the most delight in things that send a small portion of the fandom into an irrational frenzy. These topics include:

This guy

Animated‘s design aesthetic

Michael Bay


Now, if you don’t know who Steve is, well, he’s one or more of these dudes,

Possibly also one or more of these dudes,

But he’s definitely this dude,

Though, I am firmly convinced the truth is a little more insidious.

In actuality Steve is a name applied by fans to one or all (depending on who you ask) of the Vehicons in Transformers Prime. As the fandom is made mostly of children (I’m not being judgmental here, this is statistically true) there are some that react rather violently in opposition of naming Vehicons. This is especially true when you name them all the same name.

I, however, find the joke to be funny and the violent opposition from a small, but vocal minority to be absolutely hilarious.

So Steve they are.

Despite what could be called janky arms (with elbow joints much like Airachnid’s) these guys are still some of the best toys to come out of the entire Transformers Prime line.

When it was discovered that the Winged Steve (in my house that’s pronounced rather dramatically as “wing-ed”, ’cause it’s funnier that way) would be a Takara-only release, I grabbed a pre-order. Much like Breakdown, he and his Mini-con are very, very much worth the import cost. As the flying Vehicons in Prime actually have cars with wings for alt modes, rather than jets, it was initially thought that Arms Micron‘s somewhat ironically named Jet Vehicon would be nothing more than the Robots in Disguise mold minus wheels and plus wings. However, this was not the case.

Takara completely reshelled the alt mode while keeping essentially the same robot mode underneath. This also gives him the advantage of not having to have the large 5mm posts added, instead just having holes and pegs pre-built into his wings.

It would have been nice if they would have given Winged Steve a 5mm post or hole somewhere along the center of his alt mode, so his Mini-con Igu could be attached without looking so unbalanced. Speaking of whom, Igu is a large recreation of the Vehicon weapon from the cartoon who transforms into an Iguana.

Proving Steve comes not only in many shapes, but also in many sizes, there is Mini Steve, the Cyberverse-scale Vehicon.

Though only with a car alt mode, so no Mini Winged Steve (but one can hope).

At Boton we were introduced to a trio of Kreon Steve, including Steve with wheels, Winged Steve, and Steve with no apparent alt mode but with a gun arm, or Other Steve as I have oh so imaginatively decided to call him.

I’m not one for army building (the term for buying multiples of the exact same toy because they are a generic character in the fiction) but as long as they keep putting out all these different molds, I can build an army of Steve without ever duplicating. That’s pretty much the only reason I will buy the First Edition Steve when he is re-released as a Toys R Us exclusive later this year.

After all, the more Steve, the merrier.

2 thoughts on “Steve, Winged Steve, Mini Steve, and Other Steve. Transformers Prime, Arms Micron, and Kre-O Vehicon and Igu!

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  2. Steve was actually originally invented by crack shippers, which might also be a source of irrational hatred. EnvySkort described the phenomenon when it was still in its very early stages.

    “Okay, this is more of an inside joke than anything.

    Anyway, I’m involved in an ongoing Transformers Prime discussion, and the subject of the Eradicons came up.

    It is confirmed that they are more sentient than simple drones (they took a vote regarding Starscream’s leadership for goodness sakes). We joked about what it must be like on the bridge of the Nemesis, what training is like, if they’re friends…

    Then, inevitably, someone came up with the idea that there’s one Eradicon that has a tragically unrequited crush on Commander Starscream. We named him Steve.

    What is it like being seen as a faceless soldier, more a number than an identity? What is it like having complex feelings for a Commander who’d sooner throw you under a bus than rescue you?

    Such is the life of poor Steve”

    Somewhere along the line, likely after ‘Vehicon’ eclipsed ‘Eradicon’ as common parlance, Steve went from ‘one henchmen with a liking for Starscream in particular’ to ‘all the henchman.’ It’s also why the .gif is of Starscream punching him.

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