A splendid distraction from toys. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

I had every intention of getting a regular Wednesday post up this week but I became somewhat distracted. On Tuesday, a little thing called Transformers: Fall of Cybertron landed. I don’t know if you heard about this little video game release. It’s understandable if you missed the news; after all, it was a very,



low-key release. (Hint: here’s where the “rant” part comes.) Joking aside, I didn’t watch the plethora of trailers beforehand because I like to not be spoiled. That being said, I am about to put a spoiler out there:

Metroplex is in the game.

I knew this going into the game thanks to the image on the “Through the Matrix” video. It didn’t bother me too much, it actually made me more excited for a game that I was already ridiculously excited about. Then I played through the chapters leading up to his “reveal”. As Optimus works his way through the city, a number of mysterious events unfold that are meant to make you wonder what is happening. It’s very dramatic… that is, unless you,

a.) Have seen the image on the “Through the Matrix” video.
b.) Know who the heck Metroplex is.

All of the tension of the long, cinematic transformation sequence is completely removed due to the FIGURATIVE AND LITERALLY HUGE FREAKING SPOILER RIGHT IN THE IMAGE.

Setting that aside: OMGThisGameIsAmazingAndSoMuchFun!

Sorry, I will stop to breathe now. Basically, if you liked War For Cybertron, you will most likely enjoy Fall of Cybertron. They did add some neat enhancements, such as the ability to change shooting hands, allowing you to shoot from cover regardless of the angle of the guy you are shooting at. It seems like a very simple thing, but it adds tremendously to the gameplay. There are also a lot of fun little details spread throughout the game. My favourite of which is “Press X to pet Laserbeak”,

I won’t spoil what happens when you press X, but it’s delightful. My only complaint with the game, and a complaint I had with War for Cybertron as well, is that the need to slow down and carefully pick through the entire environment for audio logs, blueprints, and easter eggs detracts a whole heck of a lot from the need to use alt modes. But I guess that’s what multiplayer is for…


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