The rebellious teen of Giant Planet and the cricket on his shoulder… or rather, in his chest. Cybertron Menasor and Heavy Load!

The series Cybertron was full of little oddities. It also had its share of very large oddities.

Menasor, the hotheaded young rebel-with-a-cause turned Decepticon lackey, who is then relatively easily converted back to the Autobot side of things partially thanks to his Mini-con conscience, Heavy Load, falls squarely into both categories.

Like Metroplex and the other inhabitants of Giant planet, Menasor also has a shorter “work mode”. Though his “work mode” transformation isn’t as involved as Metroplex’s.

Then there is Menasor’s alt mode.

Also like Metroplex, he transforms into a Gigantion-based construction vehicle. Unlike Metroplex, Menasor’s “excavation vehicle” doesn’t really correlate to any Earthen-based vehicles. By splitting the front plow in half, you can insert Heavy Load in alt mode to form a wider blade in his alt mode’s “Assault Mode”.

Unfortunately, not even the addition of Heavy Load can add sense to his alt mode. Heavy Load puts the “mini” in Mini-con, taking the title of “shortest Mini-con” in robot mode.

He’s not heavy, he’s my Mini-con.

All that being said, Menasor, and to a slightly lesser extent, Heavy Load, have wonderful paintjobs. With a high degree of detail and some translucent pieces, the brushed silver effect on his drill arms and the two-tone blue mixed with gold and beige is all quite dynamic.

His headsculpt reminds me of a Tokusatsu or possibly Anime character. Maybe it’s his chin that makes me think of the Guyver?

Make one, stupid decision in your youth and you’re branded a Decepticon for life.

He remains an oddity, but at least he’s a well-articulated oddity that’s cool to look at.

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