News Flash! Ok, maybe more like a burst than a flash. Or maybe just a round-up. Possibly just a random smattering?

There’s a whole lot of news coming out of the world of Transformers lately, here’s some stuff that tops my “OMGYesPlease!!!” list.

  • No pictures yet, but I think I have gushed enough over Mini-cons and Microns in previous posts to not need to tell you that I am all kinds of excited about the news of AMW-13 and AMW-14. Releasing January 2013, these two sets include new decos of some of the Mini-cons released with the Deluxe and Voyager class Arms Microns releases. AMW-13, the Autobot set has Optimus’ O.P., Bumblebee’s B.2., Ratchet’s R.A., Ironhide’s and Wheeljack’s new Mini-con. AMW-14, the Decepticon set, is Megatron’s Gora, Starcream’s Glu, Soundwave’s Zori, Airachnid’s Ida and Vehicon’s Nozi. Out of all of them I only have B.2. and Zori, so a chance to get ahold of all of the others without buying their larger toys makes me practically giddy.
  • TFCC put out some promotional art for Ultra Mammoth, previously shown at this year’s Botcon.

    I was pretty excited for all of the six figures in their Subscription Service, but out of Breakdown, Jackpot, Scourge, Slipstream , Circuit, and Ultra Mammoth this was the one I was most excited for. It’s just too bad that I’ll have to wait so very long to get my hands on these guys.
  • Though we still haven’t gotten a good look at AM-24 “Silas” Breakdown; official, higher-resolution images have appeared for AM-19 Gaia Unicron, and oooooh have they made me happy to have my pre-order in.

    Even with his expectedly nonsensical alt mode and unexpected but equally nonsensical combined mode, as Lugnut would say, “Glorious!”
  • The picture which has emerged of APS-01, the Asia Premium Series exclusive release of Dark of the Moon Striker Optimus Prime has made me both hope for and against an Amazon exclusive release like Year of the Dragon and Jetwing Optimus Primes.

    For, because he is amazing looking, especially in alt mode. Against, because my wallet is already crying over the previously mentioned Year of the Dragon and Jetwing releases as well as the metric ton of other Transformers amazing-ness on the horizon already.
  • Speaking of horizon-bursting goodness, the next part of the E-Hobby/TFCC partnership is apparently Shattered Glass G1 Soundwave and Blaster.

    As a big fan of Shattered Glass, I think this is awesome, though more for the chance to add some Shattered Glass cassettes to go with Ravage. I forsee it being far too expensive to justify the purchase, especially with it being offered domestically through the TFCC store. The TFCC store is many things, reasonably priced is usually not one of them.
  • Last is an interesting piece of comic book “What If” concept art.

    As reported by Comic Book Resources, what would have been an absolutely epic crossover between Transformers and the Justice League of America remains an unproduced pitch by Phil Jimenez in what is most likely a licensing minefield (given Hasbro’s relationship with Marvel comics). Still, it’s hard not to imagine the wonderful potential this crossover had.

One thought on “News Flash! Ok, maybe more like a burst than a flash. Or maybe just a round-up. Possibly just a random smattering?

  1. I really need to get around to joining TFCC. I love Shattered Glass as well, and I really should pick up some of the toys instead of just lusting over them on yor blog. =D

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