Sonic boom! Revenge of the Fallen, Dark of the Moon Soundwave and Laserbeak!

Soundwave was a character conspicuously absent from Transformers (2007). His continued absence would have been inexcusable, but they rectified that when he finally made his appearance in Revenge of the Fallen, high above the Earth as a killer satellite; a very appropriate alt mode for the communications officer.

These movies are all about the big ‘splodey, so none of them go in for that whole character development thing. Through Revenge of the Fallen and then Dark of the Moon we only manage to learn that Soundwave is a master hacker capable of manipulating information regardless of the planet of origin, he takes command when necessary to get the job done, and is all too happy to unleash his merciless, homicidal side. Huh. Guess they didn’t do too bad of a job giving Soundwave at least the semblance of depth. Enough about that pesky personality thing, let’s get back to the toys.

Missing from the movie, but present in the videogame is Soundwave’s second alt mode, Cybertronian Jet

There’s just something I like a lot about the design of both Soundwave and Ravage from Revenge of the Fallen, leading me to need to hunt down each of the repaints released for both. Both received four repaints at the deluxe size.

Unfortunately, unlike Ravage, one of Soundwave’s four repaints is not so easy to get. It was first exclusive to the 2009 C3 X Hobby Chara Hobby trade show in Japan. The rest then sold through an E-Hobby store lottery. The black and orange colour scheme it has is really nice, but not worth the $100+ I’ve seen it going for. After all, it’s not the important repaint, this one is; done in G1 Soundwave colours.

I like so much about this toy, from the alien satellite that is capable of making its own re-entry, to the similarities he has with other Soundwaves, to the vaguely hulking proportions of his robot mode that at the same time sets him apart from most other Soundwaves; including the first.

Now, the 2009 C3 X Hobby Chara Hobby trade show Japanese exclusive is understandably difficult to find. What’s not understandable is the fact that Soundwave went on to appear — quite prominently — in Dark of the Moon and yet the two different molds of him were among the hardest of the line to get. Coming at the tail end of the toyline, both deluxe and Human Alliance scale toys never hit retail at all in the U.S. Though I held out hope for Hasbro to rectify this asinine situation, I finally gave in and grabbed him at this year’s Botcon. Human Alliance scale is exactly what this guy needed.

He retains the top heavy, bulky proportions of his Revenge of the Fallen incarnation, retaining that alien robot look I like, but something a good chunk of the fans dislike. The top-heavy part definitely makes posing him a little trickier. It’s interesting to note that the text on his packaging basically states that the humans actually took control of him and manipulated him to do their bidding, when in reality it was the other way round.

He shares Human Alliance Barricade’s scary chomping mouth.

Most likely because a satellite hovering around at ground level would be a little noticeable, he trades in his alt mode for a shiny new Earth-mode, a Mercedes SLS AMG.

With a license plate paying homage to his G1 counterparts famous line from the 1986 animated movie, this Soundwave also finds himself “Superior”.

He comes with a down-sized version of his psycho bird minion, Laserbeak.

Laserbeak transforms into a cannon that can be used by either the Dr. McDreamy Dylan Gould toy or affixed to any of Soundwave’s Mechtech ports.

Laserbeak also feature prominently a got his own deluxe scale toy very early on in the toyline.

Such a happy looking little psycho.

He transforms into a VTOL aircraft that looks a whole heck of a lot like the Dragonhawk from G.I. Joe Sigma 6.

Though maybe Human Alliance Laserbeak is closer to the correct scale, I definitely prefer the deluxe if only for the spectacle of it all.

With minions like these, who needs cassette tapes?


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