The science of being left in charge of a dead planet. War for Cybertron Shockwave!

After using the Double XP weekend to get two of the game’s classes — Infiltrator and Destroyer class — up to the 25 limit needed for “Prime Mode”, I am all about Fall of Cybertron. Friday is going to be a full post about the game, assuming I can figure out how to take better screenshots of the game.

Before that, something I do know how to take pictures of: the toys! The toyline for Fall of Cybertron is going to be much more extensive than the last game’s. War for Cybertron received releases of Optimus (and a repaint), Bumblebee (and a repaint), Megatron (and a repaint), Soundwave, and Cliffjumper. This time around for retail release, we’re getting deluxes of:

Optimus Prime
Ultra Magnus
Air Raid

But the fun doesn’t stop there, we’re also getting a return to the Voyager class in Generations with Soundwave, a “Soundblaster” repaint, a Blaster remold with new headsculpt, and — hands down the most important — Grimlock!

I think that’s everyone we know about right now. All that without counting the “Data Disc” minions for both Soundwaves and Blaster, the exclusives, and the Takara release variations announced so far. The first three to hit widespread retail release are Optimus, Jazz, and Shockwave. Out of the three, the Scientist class is my favourite in the game, so I thought I would start with Shockwave.

Shockwave first showed up in War for Cybertron as downloadable content for the Escalation Multiplayer mode. Though he has now become a integral part of the story itself, his model is pretty much unchanged. There is a change in game mechanics though that makes his weapon configuration make more sense.

In War for Cybertron, Shockwave had his characteristic gun arm, but rather than having that morph into whatever weaponry you pick up as the player, the other arm morphs instead.

This leads to the somewhat silly scenario where the double gun-armed Shockwave never actually uses his built-in gun arm to shoot anybody. With Fall of Cybertron the new ability to switch gun hands would render this even more nonsensical, so the game developers response, which is reflected in the toy, is to give Shockwave two hands instead.

Even without the aid of any other facial features, he still manages to scowl with his one glowing purple eye.

A two handed Shockwave doesn’t look quite right. What is awesome though is, just like with Dark of the Moon Shockwave, this means his gun can then be installed on either side. What his instructions don’t tell you but his packaging shows, is that his hand can be folded in and the gun attached directly to his arm.

As well as being able to fit on his arm to recreate the proper homage, his gun has a handle so that it can be held. Though also not documented in his instructions, the piece at the end of the gun can be removed, revealing sculpted barrel details. Although, a Shockwave with two hands and holding a gun looks even less right.

“This method of weapon manipulation seems inefficient and illogical.”

Previously just described as a Cybertronian jet mode, thanks to his toy’s packaging, we now know it to be a “Cybertronian Mobile Artillery Mode”. Think airborne howitzer.

My only complaint with Shockwave has nothing to do with his toy. In Fall of Cybertron he basically takes the lead badguy role for several chapters playing his usual evil mad scientist schtick. Somewhere, I think, between his two hands (which, in truth, actually makes far more sense for a scientist than a gun arm) and his voice actor’s portrayal of him, he doesn’t feel very… Shockwave.

Oddly enough, Takara is releasing Shockwave as part of Arms Micron rather than their equivalent of Generations. Although, with it heavily integrated into his alt mode, it appears he will get not only a Mini-con for a weapon but also the weapon that comes with his Hasbro release.


5 thoughts on “The science of being left in charge of a dead planet. War for Cybertron Shockwave!

  1. I can’t remember, what was Prime’s repaint in WFC? I was only aware of the original five figures released for the first game. I am glad they finally got around to doing Shockwave, Starscream and Jazz. I am really hoping the line continues with the rest of the Dinobots but I am sure that is a pipe dream.

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