Like being an expert customizer minus all the effort or ability. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron!

I realized stating that this post was going to be a “full post about the game” was a little misleading. I’m not going to go into depth about the gameplay mechanics or level design or graphics. My “review” of the game still stands from my original post about it: this game is freaking fun as heck, even moreso as a Transformers fan. There are so many Easter Eggs, homages, and virtually half the script of the 1986 animated movie was injected throughout. This includes my absolute favourite part, where Slag squashes an Insecticon with a door (in place of the Quintesson he squashed in the original), pauses, and says, “Excuse me!” (Here’s a video mashup using the animation from the game, but the audio from the movie.)

Mostly this post isn’t about the fun of the single player game, it’s about the game that keeps you around after the storyline has wrapped up. The digital version of playing with your toy collection, also known as multiplayer.

Not that there aren’t plenty of wonderful “collecting” moments in single player. Heck, there’s even accessorizing to do; like acquiring Starscream’s crown, hidden on the level “Starscream’s Betrayal”. That is also the level in which Starscream uses the phrase “chomping at the bit” when talking to Grimlock, which annoys the heck out of me. First, the phrase is “champing at the bit”, not “chomping”. Second, what would that idiom even mean on Cybertron millions of years in the past? Ugh. Moving on. Pretty jewelry!

Yes, pretty jewelry indeed. Once you have Starscream properly attired, you aren’t given a bonus or affect the storyline in any way, it’s just there to be there. It’s there because High Moon Studios, the developers of the game, appear to love the Transformers franchise as much as we do.

This respectful attitude towards the franchise has been apparent in their previous Botcon appearances, but all you really need to do is look at the games to see it. Content like the G2 skin for Bruticus, made even more epic when the video of the commercial for the Fall of Cybertron content was mashed up with the audio of the 1994 rap commercial for the Aerialbots and Combaticons. Warning: Transformers Rap (don’t say you weren’t warned. Seriously.)

I chose to buy from Gamestop because their pre-order bonus was G1 Optimus for multiplayer as well as two guns for single player. One, that looks like G1 Megatron’s alt mode, has the best description ever,

“Throwback Blaster:
A pistol which fires retro lasers. Unlike modern lasers, these vintage lasers make a pew-pew noise when fired…and they’re pink.”

The gun is only useful in the earlier stages as it isn’t upgradeable at all, but uses the G1 transforming noise when you switch gun arms. Which is just awesome by itself. The other gun is constantly being described as “G1 Shockwave’s Cannon”.

I don’t know if I am missing something here, but the “Sling Shock” has nothing to do with G1 Shockwave. It is simply WfC/FoC Shockwaves gun arm. It’s a fun, if not weird, gun that fires an “electrifed bola”.

The regular multiplayer includes the bodies of a lot of the characters, playable and not, used throughout the game. Characters like Shockwave show up. Of course, applying them necessitates that they have both a Decepticon and Autobot form. The end result is stuff like Shockwave with an Autobot symbol.

Though now I think about it, I guess trying to find a “Longarm Prime” colour scheme for Autobot Shockwave would have been funnier. I am assuming the videogame version came first (as he already had appeared in War for Cybertron) but comparing him to the toy he’s virtually identical.

I was dead set against buying the first set of downloadable content when it was announced that it was released the same day the game came out. Until I found out Wheeljack was one of the ‘bots in the set.

I have to say, I am pretty annoyed with how the downloadable content works with games nowadays but I’m not going to go into the good vs. bad discussion. I usually just don’t pay for the DLC and move on. I was actually prepared to do this in this case, but High Moon Studios did something pretty awesome. You could spend $10 on the complete set, or you could pay more per piece to get individual sections of each character model. For me, there’s really only two things that make the guy up there “Wheeljack”, his head and his torso/alt mode.

By buying just his head and his torso pieces, you can make a Wheeljack just as well. For half the cost of the full pack, I got Wheeljack’s head and alt mode as well as the alt modes of Blast Off, Perceptor, and Ultra Magnus.

I skipped the fifth bot in the “Havoc Pack” because Zeta Prime (oh, sorry, Sentinel Zeta Prime) is pretty much just a tool that eventually got himself killed in the original game. I was going to do this again with the Dinobot pack, but decided I wanted the full set of pieces for Slag (oh, sorry, Slug), which made it cheaper just to buy the full pack of all four Dinobots; which I haven’t regretted.

It’s just too much fun, tromping around the landscape of Cybertron as mechanical dinosaurs in either Autobot or Decepticon colours.

This is especially acute because, as I stated in my Slag post, I am holding absolutely no delusions that we’re going to get physical toys of the rest of the Dinobots past Grimlock.

In the meantime, I’m just entertaining myself with mix-and-match models like this Wheeljack-headed Slag.

  Or even more odd, this Slag’s alt mode headed Wheeljack with Jazz’s legs and who-the-heck-even-knows-at-this-point’s arms and shoulders.

Of all the surprises of the game for me, such as the fact that I apparently really like orange and blue as a colour scheme for my Autobots, the one that hit early on — as in as far back as the demo — is that my favourite alt mode to play in Fall of Cybertron is actually Vortex’s.

My character, who I might eventually name, has a very Evac feel about him thanks to my predilection for orange, blue, and helicopter alt modes.

I really don’t have a summary or a conclusion. The game is fun. The digital toybox is fun. Customizing is fun as long as I don’t have to put time or effort into it. Yeah, yeah, I’m lazy like that.


4 thoughts on “Like being an expert customizer minus all the effort or ability. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron!

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