Strong like an Killer Whale Elephant should be. Beast Wars Torca!

Torca, the Beast Wars Fuzor is notorious for two things: his wondrously ugly mug and the deadly Gold Plastic Syndrome. If you don’t know what GPS is, just check out the TFWiki entry for why I stated in a previous post:

“My favourite of the Fuzor toys, I am actually terrified to bring him out of his plastic container now”

Torca was my favourite Fuzor even before I saw his massively powerful appearance in the Beast Wars: The Gathering comic books series.

Therefore it was with one metric ton of nervous trepidation that I inspected him during my recent catologuing efforts. Torca wouldn’t be my first brush with GPS. My Beast Wars Transmetal Megatron, another notorious crumbling toy, already suffered a cracked side in robot mode.

Nothing. I have gone over and over (and over and over and over) him and not the slightest crack or stress is showing. Of course, that didn’t stop me from twitching from every creak as I transformed him from that incredible alt mode and back again.

A thing of beauty.

Look at the crazy amount of detailing. If anyone wants to know why Beast Wars rocks, for me it’s the truly insane amount of minutiae they included in almost every single mold.

Now, I know the instructions themselves tell you to have him hold his gun with the blowhole for his water-squirting gimmick facing forward.

However, this removes any articulation from his arm, because of the awkward positioning necessary. If you look at the gun, you can clearly see the molded detail makes holding it with the other way around look more like an actual gun and retains all that wonderful Beast Wars era articulation.

Now that I have confirmed that he has yet to suffer the effects of GPS, I will gingerly put him back in his packaging and back into a storage bin. I’m still going to try to get my hands on the non-GPS suffering Beast Wars II repaint, Elphorca, just in case the next time I pull him out, he goes to pieces on me.


2 thoughts on “Strong like an Killer Whale Elephant should be. Beast Wars Torca!

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