Happy Birthday, ‘Til All Are Mine and Wesley! Robo Power Go-Bots Sideswipe!

As I was going back through some of my posts, I noticed something remarkable.

On October 7, 2010, I started ‘Til All Are Mine with a goofy little post about what remains one of my favourite Transformers of all time, Tako Tank.

I missed out on posting my first anniversary because exactly one year later on October 7, 2011, I welcomed my son, Wesley, into this world.

Today we had the blow-out blast to end all blow-out blasts to celebrate his having made one successful trip around the sun but despite all the hullabaloo and hectic planning (1 year old birthday parties are some serious business), I wanted to put up a post saying thanks to everyone that reads and comments and e-mails. I never thought writing this blog would turn out to be as educational or as much fun as it has turned out to be! The last two years have sparked some of the best conversations I have had in my entire 28 years of Transformers fandom. Thanks for sharing this obsession and reading as I poured my heart and my brain out onto the internet.

In the spirit of having fun, (and of being exhausted from partying) this celebratory post is going to be short.

Very short.  Go-bots levels of short.

See, being a good Transformers nerd, I, of course, got my son a Transformer for his first birthday. It’s not his first Transformer, that would be his Rescue Bots Heroes Optimus Prime, which he’s had since before he was actually born. However, it is a figure of my favourite movie trilogy ‘bot, Mr. Stabby McWheelfeet himself, Sideswipe. The first thing I noticed when we pulled him out of his packaging is that he has ridiculously good head articulation for a “5 and under” toy. Second, he has crazy amounts of sculpted detail, enough to make the entire Transformers Prime line blush.This includes giving Mr. Stabby itty-bitty versions of his arm blades.

Last, but certainly not least,




That adorableness extends to his alt mode as well. Perfectly sized for tiny little hands, Wesley loves to push this little convertible Corvette up and down the hall.

With his pull-back-and-zoom-across-the-floor action working in either alt or robot mode, and his one step, spring-loaded transformation, the pure joy this Transformer gives my son does my heart good.

If he does grow up to be a Transformers fan like his father, I hope he fondly remembers Optimus and Sideswipe, his first Transformers. Maybe one day he can read this blog and have a greater appreciation for where the franchise comes from and why it keeps going as strong as it does: it really is ’cause of the fans.


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