It’s not the size of your ‘bots but the power of the blaster they form that counts. The Mini-con Space Team, Armada Astroscope, Payload, and Sky Blast!

Though Armada did bring some terrible Transformers T.V., it also brought the advent of one of my favourite factions. It’s the reason that with Transformers Prime I have bought an unprecedented amount of the Takara-Tomy line alongside the Hasbro line.

Mini-cons. I love ’em. I especially love the Space Mini-con Team.

Look! It’s robots… in disguise.

(Just in case you question my use of the phrase “terrible Transformers T.V.” I give you the above image of the Space Mini-con team.)

Ummm. Yeah. Where was I? Yes, the Space Mini-con Team toys.

Astroscope, the satellite, Payload, the rocket transport, and Sky Blast, the rocket, typify the great things that were done with the Mini-cons, especially the three-pack sets that were not only similarly designed but specifically made to work together; with Payload capable of carrying Sky Blast.

It would have been better if Astroscope could then attach to Sky Blast in a meaningful way, but with Transformers scale being what it is, you have to just imagine that Sky Blast is actually carrying Astroscope inside of him.

Additionally, they were one of the set that formed a third, combined mode. In their case it is the Requiem Blaster, the most powerful weapon in the Armada universe and arguably one of the most powerful weapons in all of Transformers.

The Requiem Blaster was such a ridiculously powerful weapon that it uses “the power of a super nova’s energy, a quasar sonic output, or a black hole’s gravity”. It was so named the Requiem Blaster because it has the ability to quite easily kill Transformers (though in some rare cases, they get better.)

Some random knock-off company decided to make over-sized versions of the team in pretty accurate decos and when I saw them at a discount store and confirmed that they could also form an over-sized Requiem Blaster, I couldn’t pass them by.

Though they suffer from some weak joints typical of knock-offs, they are otherwise of surprisingly good quality.

They also include all of the right pegs for allowing Payload to carry Sky-Blast.

They are over-sized silliness, but I like them, and they definitely make for a much more intimidating Requiem Blaster.

“A little help here?

4 thoughts on “It’s not the size of your ‘bots but the power of the blaster they form that counts. The Mini-con Space Team, Armada Astroscope, Payload, and Sky Blast!

    • Sadly, other than Backblast, no. When A/E/C was happening, I wasn’t in a position to get the Change Micron or X-dimension guys. Then I never even saw Energon Ultra Magnus at retail and only saw the Cybertron Backblast vs Sureshock set at retail. On my list to acquire one day is definitely Energon Ultra Magnus’ group and the other two Cybertron releases needed to finish the “Umbra Blaster”, though I definitely wouldn’t mind getting the X-Dimension guys eventually as well, but I only see them pop up for $40 on ebay (not that they ever seem to sell at that price).

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