The other Other Steve! Transformers Prime First Edition Vehicon!

After having previously declared the Kreon gun arm Steve to be “Other Steve”, I was forced to become even more imaginative when I located a lone First Edition Vehicon re-release at Toys R Us over the weekend.

Meet Other Other Steve.

I must say, I was happy to both get my hands on him and to discover that he’s not really as bad as I was lead to believe. One of the oddities about his robot mode is that the instructions has you pull the rear wheels down from his shoulders to his elbows.

This really doesn’t make sense or add to his transformation and actually decreases his show accuracy. That quirk aside, I still do agree that in this case, the Robots in Disguise release clearly wins over the First Edition release.

There’s not much else to say about this version of the Transformers Prime Vehicon. His alt mode is basically the same Batmobile-esque sports car, now with more and brighter paint applications.

Though they are pretty even in height in robot mode, the First Edition definitely has a bulkier alt mode.

Come to think of it, given the hood, windshield, and roof hanging from his back — the majority of the complaints against the First Edition versus Robots in Disguise versions — he takes on a much bulkier look over all. Maybe this isn’t Other Other Steve. Yeah, I think he’s just Bulky Steve.

“You head up the attack, Bulky Steve. We’ll be right behind you, using your back kibble as a shield.”
“I hate you guys.”

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