Finally! Now what do I do with his other toy? Transformers Prime Bulkhead!

My favourite character in Transformers Animated, Bulkhead, would prove to be the inspiration for my favourite character in Transformers Prime, Bulkhead. Unfortunately, Bulkhead would be one of the ‘bots to fall victim to Hasbro’s mangled mismanagement of the Transformers Prime First Edition line of toys. Hasbro has since made good on their screw-up and thanks to the magic of, I didn’t even have to set foot in a Toys R Us to finally get my hands on one.

Not having hope of seeing one of those for anything short of a kajillion dollars on Ebay, I settled for the Robots in Disguise full retail release when I found him somewhere in Texas on our post-Botcon roadtrip earlier this year.

He’s alright. Minus the First Edition release, you might even call him a pretty great toy. However, the First Edition toy is a reality and therefore, his Robots in Disguise toy simply pales in comparison. Those wings that jut up awkwardly over his shoulders (the panels of which pop off with the slightest breeze), the pieces that fit over his actual shoulders (that are separate pieces and therefore don’t stay with his arms as you move them), the panel that his head sits on (that sticks too far out in the front), his fists (that don’t pivot all the way down); I could go on, but won’t. Except for one last thing: his accessories. Piledriver-thing… umm, ok, I guess? Absolutely ludicrous, light-up “Weaponizer” device with rotating wrecking ball that I had to wedge a toothpick in to keep deployed for the photo? It hurts my head to think about.

Worst of all, this ridiculous looking, stupidly oversized, unwieldy weapon is the main reason that old Bulkie’ is missing a goodly portion of his actual bulk.

Like the before and slightly-after of a weight loss photo.

Nope. The Robots in Disguise release never stood a chance against the actually bulky First Edition Bulkhead.

Along with having things like hood panels that fold upwards purely to make him more show accurate and wheels (minus awkward extra paneling) angled correctly on his back for his show model, the First Edition release also has correct weaponry. His fists rotate around to peg holes with sculpted details to mimic his show’s deployable arm cannons. You can then plug his mace into the peg hole for Bulkhead’s primary weapon of choice.

This makes for some good scene recreations, like this one of Bulkhead and his rival, Breakdown.

The one thing that can be said for the Robots in Disguise release is that it at least can hold its own in alt mode.

Though slightly smaller than the First Edition alt mode and missing some paint applications, it is as faithful a recreation of Bulkhead’s Humvee/Jeep conglomeration. Still don’t know what I’m going to do with him, he’ll probably just sit in a bin in the closet for now. The one going in the display is definitely the version that Wheeljack would be far less embarassed about hanging out with.

I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to relegate the Robots in Disguise release to the bins in the closet or display him in alt mode next to the beautiful First Edition release.


6 thoughts on “Finally! Now what do I do with his other toy? Transformers Prime Bulkhead!

  1. Great review, as usual. I have them both on display with my TF Prime shelf. Same with both OP’s (FE and RiD.) Most cases the FE’s are just plain better, except maybe Starscream and Vehicon which are at least debatable.

    • Thanks! I need to get around to opening my R.i.D. Starscream. I think he would have won over the F.E. release just by being larger, if it weren’t for the fact that the only version of the F.E. mold I own is Skywarp. Skywarp wins by just being Skywarp. 🙂

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  3. You should use the pile drive hammer thing for breakdown, it looks alright but is not as show-accurate. I have my Silas Breakdown displayed with it

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