Imagining the greatest combiner in Transformers history. Generations and G1 Hot Spot!

Of the GDO line there were a lot of “Oooo!” and “Spiffy!” moments but for me there was only one real “I. Must. Own. That.” moment.

Very few Transformers have warranted two posts, but as I stated in his first post, Hot Spot quickly jumped into my “favourite Scramble City combiners Commander” slot. That position was previously occupied by Scattorshot, but only by default because Computron was the only G1 combiner I had growing up. In another post, I wrote about hunting down a G1 Hot Spot to display separately from my combined Defensor, this was further reinforced when the new Generations release was announced. I lucked across one in a local collectibles shop.

Though he’s in good shape otherwise, I got him for a really good price because he’s is missing some stickers, one of this two fist tabs is broken off, and he came with no accessories. Luckily you can’t see the tab unless you’re specifically looking for it and I already had all his accessories, some pieces a couple times over.

As far as the Generations release, he’s darn near perfect. Well, that is if you put aside the darker paintjob and the fact that this is the fourth version of this mold I have.

Four versions; three different headsculpts; two different sets of feet, forearms, and hands.

Granted, a lot of people have the same problem with Hot Spot as they had with Inferno: the original G1 version of both have fire engines with ladder apparatus as their alt modes, however the Generations mold sports a water cannon in place of the telescoping ladder.

As updates go, I much prefer the more modern look of the water cannon, but to each their own, I guess. To tell the truth, as long as they made him any discernible firetruck that was blue with a firey comet logo on the front, I would have been happy. Either way, for me it’s the headsculpt that really sells it.

It’s so good, in fact, it makes me want to apply a little silver paint to the mouthplate of the G1 toy.

Something I forgot to mention in the previous post about Hot Spot, is that he received a little bit of an homage in the Armada line.

In his 2003 repaint, the Mini-con Emergency Team member Firebot received a Hot Spot inspired paintjob.

The coolest part is that the Emergency Team all have a second alt mode of a weapon, unfortunately with no cooresponding Mini-con port, neither Hot Spot can use Mini-Hot Spot as a missile launcher.

“Newfangled weapons systems…”

Hot Spot also got a release in the Japanese Kabaya series. It’s been a tradition of my last few Botcons to pick up whichever parts of that year’s Kabaya releases at the convention. This year I went with the clear goal of getting Deathsaurus and Hot Spot. (I actually ended up getting the third toy in that series, War for Cybertron Optimus Prime, for free along with them.)

I wanted to get Hot Spot especially so that he could sit on the shelves of my work display.

Much like the Generations release, my complaint about the Kabaya toy is that the blue is far too dark, but other than that he’ll fit right in with all the Legion class and Cyberverse Commander folks.

My only real regret is that this amazing new Hot Spot will never be the centerpiece of an equally sized Generations Defensor, which would be amazing.

In my head, the whole thing looks rather epic and a lot like this,

One can dream, right? Though, I guess it’s for the best “Protectobot Hot Spot” is the only Protectobot on the shelves. If he was part of a combiner I would have to hunt down a second Generations Hot Spot, like I found I just had to do with the G1 release.


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