Abort! Abort! Abort! Retreeeeeat! (I told you this was a very bad idea.) Transformers Prime First Edition Optimus Prime!

Here’s what my Transformers Prime First Edition Optimus Prime looks like now in alt mode.

Optimus Prime First Edition Alt Before

If you’re thinking it looks a lot like the last time I posted an image of his alt mode, you’d be right.

Ok. Yeah. I should just learn to trust myself. After painstakingly taping off the parts of Optimus I didn’t want painted, I began slowly — ever so slowly — applying Model Masters Insignia Red Enamel paint. The only part of this debacle I am glad about is that I was all of four paint strokes in when I envisioned the disasterous and inevitable end result. Literally sprinting to find a q-tip and the alcohol (the technique for paint removal I learned with my G2 Jazz project), I removed what little I had painted (while being very careful as to not remove any of his original paint applications) and admitted defeat. For now.

I have stated before I am not a modder or kitbasher. I don’t have any painting skills to speak of. Fundamentally this means I don’t actually know how to paint an even enough coat that is both thick enough to cover the plastic colour underneath as well as thin enough to not obliterate molded details. With just a few strokes I was able to see that I would need a number of coats to cover the brown colour and I was already starting to lose the details of the tiny rivets molded into the edge of the brown piece.

So that’s that. Until I acquire the skill necessary to paint him, get a second for backup just in case my painting doesn’t go so well, or otherwise swap him out for a fully painted version, he will remain in robot mode.

As a consolation prize, however, robot mode isn’t exactly shabby. In fact, what a beautiful robot mode that is.

Optimus FE Robot

Despite the missing paint application, I find it nearly impossible to be unhappy with Hasbro about him. They promised before to get limited release and/or unreleased figures out there to us and pretty much haven’t made good on those promises. Until now, until the First Edition and GDO toys. Therefore I consider it something of a minor miracle that I own the Voyager class First Edition Optimus Prime at all. Unlike Bulkhead, I had resigned myself to the Robots in Disguise Optimus release. Just like Bulkhead, this was a sad state of affairs as the Robots in Disguise release, an otherwise acceptable toy, just doesn’t measure up because of the existence of the First Edition release.

Optimus Robots

First, the annoyingly hollow legs. Second, the silhouette. Transformers Prime Optimus Prime has a very distinct silhouette that both the Robots in Disguise release and the previous Deluxe-class First Edition release do not do justice to. While not totally eliminating the issue completely, the Voyager-class First Edition release greatly minimizes the back panels that ruin the outline of both the Deluxe and Robots in Disguise robot modes. His Deluxe release has the back panel problem but doesn’t compound it, like the Robots in Disguise release does, by having misplaced smokestacks in robot mode.

Then there is the size issue. The Robots in Disguise release is smaller to accommodate two weapons: a ridiculous unfolding, gimmicky gun that is far too large and a sword that is far too small and insubstantial. I have gutted the gun in an attempt to make it somewhat more passable.

Optimus RiD Weapons

The First Edition release remedies this.

Optimus FE Weapons

Although, for all the pointing out of flaws I might do about the Robots in Disguise release, at least that one doesn’t have a big, ugly brown section on either side in alt mode.

Optimus RiD Alt

Granted, the First Edition one doesn’t have an obviously hollow cab when viewed from the back.

Optimus RiD Alt Back

Oh, Robots in Disguise release, so close, yet so far away.

'Til All Are Mine.


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