Snarky, affable con artist? How can I not love him? Hubcap!

While researching Hubcap’s complete lack of U.S. fiction appearances for the first 18 years of his existence, I came across the best description of his circumstance by way of the TFWiki:

“Despite his availability with the rest of the ’86 Mini-Vehicle assortment, Hubcap was omitted completely from the original cartoon. No character model was drawn up for him, and he was similarly absent from the Marvel Comics The Transformers Universe bio series, despite having a full-length bio written by Bob Budiansky. The reason for this omission is unknown.”

This created a situation where, very much like Scoop, I was aware of Hubcap, but not overly invested in adding him to the collection. The third character/toy that falls into this same category is Jackpot. It was Jackpot and Hubcap’s appearance in the TFCC story Gone Too Far that made me want to pick both of these guys up.

Out of the two of them, I liked the hapless but affable con artist Hubcap best. Though the chances of getting a Classics-style update to Jackpot are even more remote now that we are getting a toy of Animated Jackpot through the TFCC Figure Subscription Service, we got an updated Hubcap through the amazing work of Venksta over at

Hubcap Head

With colours to match either Reveal the Shield Bumblebee or Legacy of Bumblebee Bumblebee, I went with the Reveal the Shield release.

Hubcap Robots

Though the Legacy release has a closer yellow colour to his G1 incarnation, I wanted to differentiate Hubcap further from my Classics Bumblebee, that and the orangish red in his face goes really well with the slightly orangish yellow of the body.

Hubcap Classics Robots

As with the other replacement head sets for the Minibots, the “Hub Scout” set includes some serious weaponry for Hubcap.

Hubcap Weapons

Though Hubcap is more of a talker than a fighter, so they seem excessive. The generic “Cruiser” hatchback alt mode does a good job in place of his G1 toy’s Porsche 924 Turbo.

Hubcap Alts

'Til All Are Mine.


2 thoughts on “Snarky, affable con artist? How can I not love him? Hubcap!

  1. Hubcap’s conman persona is my favorite iteration of the character as well. And although the weapons are a bit much, I definitely like how Renderform pulled off this upgrade kit. That pursed-lip expression he’s got just looks like it can’t be trusted! And as with a number of ‘bots over the years, it was involving comics-fiction that really got me to wanting a figure for a particular character. Well done post, as always.

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