The ‘bot, the myth, the legend. G1 Optimus Prime!

My favourite Autobot is Wheeljack. My favourite Decepticon is Skywarp. That being said, the heart and soul of  Transformers is Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime G1 Art

G1, when box art design was pretty much “What You See Is What You Get”.

For the longest time, the only version of his original toy’s mold in my collection was my G2 Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime G2 with Guns

Much like my G2 Bruticus, basically I skipped over all the reissuesof the G1. I especially ignored the 2008 release when it was attached to the rather ridiculous price tag of $75. Even with the included reprint of the G1 comic (of which I already have the original), the dvd with all three parts of “More than Meets the Eye” (episodes I have multiple times in multiples formats), and the Autobot symbol with sound effects, G2 Optimus and his big honkin’ guns of death was doing just fine for me, thank you.

Optimus Prime  G1 with Symbol

But as it often goes with collecting, something can come along and change your mind about a piece. This time it was a combination of somethings. First: price drop. Apparently a lot of people weren’t happy with the $75 price tag and by the time I decided to buy him, he was already half that, a very reasonable price for everything that came with him.

Second: nostalgia. I decided that even though I still didn’t need the toy of Optimus Prime only in brighter colours, I did need that trailer. Despite the fact that it disappeared and reappeared auto-magically in the cartoon, Optimus Prime’s trailer is about as iconic as he is. Don’t get me wrong, I love the black, “Optimus Prime” emblazoned G2 trailer. There’s just something about the original that puts a smile on my face.

Optimus Prime  Alts

You’ve got to respect a Commander that carts around his team’s mobile headquarters.

Optimus Prime Base

Since it wasn’t included in the instructions for the original Hasbro release, as a kid I never knew about the trailer’s third mode, the “repair bay”. Originating in Diaclone years of the mold, the repair bay mode shows up at about :12 and then the very end of this absolutely awesome original Diaclone commercial,

Optimus Prime Repair Bay

For the record, I have no definitive idea where I came across the two little Diaclone pilots I own. I know I’ve had them at least as long as I’ve had my G2 Optimus (personally purchased off the Toys R Us shelves in 1993) and I think I might have bought them at a garage sale. Strangely the metal of their feet are not magnetized. In fact, I’m not sure how, but the metal pieces on their feet (or at least they certainly feel like metal) don’t even stick to magnets.

Optimus Prime  Diaclone Pilots

So knock-offs or not, they technically count as the only actual Diaclone-only pieces in my collection. Strange.

Speaking of “the only one in my collection”, Optimus is the only Transformer I bought in the Smallest Transforming Transformers line.

Optimus Prime  SST Robot

Caution: Depending on your screen resolution, product may appear larger than actual size.

I don’t remember which Botcon I picked him up at, but I didn’t bother hunting down his shortpacked trailer.

Optimus Prime  SST Alt

Until my most recent move and re-organization of my display, I displayed the G1 reissue set in its box (hence the unapplied stickers) as it sufficiently showed off the trailer that I bought the thing for in the first place. When I went to set up my new Optimus Prime shelf, I decided it was time this guy came out of his packaging and I didn’t stop there. I had another Optimus Prime that had been on display in box.

Optimus Prime Pepsi Robot

In 2007, to coincide with the release of the first movie, the PepsiCo “Transform Your Summer” promotion caused me some alarm. I badly wanted the Pepsi Optimus Prime that Hasbro had been selling at certain conventions, but short of buying one off ebay or entering codes from bottle caps to try to win one in the promotion, I was out of luck. Turns out I wasn’t as out of luck as I thought. My core problem was that, Pepsi or Coke, it didn’t matter because I don’t drink soda; at least not soda that hasn’t had some form of alcohol poured into it. Given this, the quantity of alcohol to go with the quantity of soda I would need to drink to get enough codes to ensure a win wouldn’t have been doing my liver any favours. Luckily a friend up at work drinks unholy amounts of soda, specifically Mountain Dew at the time. A pile of bottle caps would show up on my desk throughout the day, untold amounts of codes were entered. Not only was it enough to win, I didn’t realize I had won and kept playing. Shortly after my first Pepsi Optimus Prime showed up in the mail, a second showed up.

Pepsi Optimus Prime owes his origin to a somewhatr roundabout homage. He is basically a release of the 2005 promotional “Pepsi Convoy” from Takara with altered Pepsi logos and decals as well as the shortened smokestacks that have been standard for Hasbro releases. The interesting thing about Pepsi Convoy is that he is presented as being a different character from G1 Convoy.

Optimus Prime Pepsi Art

“Refreshment is the right of all sentient beings.”

Hasbro’s version has some paintjob differences, such as the change to the logo on his shoulder. Also Pepsi Optimus Prime is the same Optimus we know and love, only now able to (and this is a direct quote from his bio), “hook up his fellow Autobots with some free Earth delicacies they rarely get to enjoy.”

Luckily for those that like to keep these guys Mint In Box, the soda bottle he carries is a cardboard stand-in.

Luckily for those that like to keep these guys Mint In Box, the soda bottle he carries is a cardboard stand-in.

So, Pepsi Optimus Prime from Pepsi Convoy back to the original Pepsi Optimus Prime.

Thanks to TFWiki and for the image, the closest I will probably ever come to either of these releases.

Thanks to TFWiki and for the image, the closest I will probably ever come to either of these releases.

Only released in North America, the “Pepsi” part only comes from stickers that could be applied to the trailer of what is otherwise just a standard Optimus Prime toy.

One of the things I didn’t realize about the 2007 Pepsi Optimus Prime until I opened him, is that he includes the original, thicker version of Optimus Prime’s gun.

Optimus Prime Guns

It may not be the convoy (ha! See what I did there?) that some have, but I quite like my little three and a third Optimus Primes.

Optimus Three and a third

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have just enough to display at least one in alt mode with that beautiful trailer full of nostalgia.

Optimus Prime G1 Alt

Even with elongated missles and shortened smokestacks, he still puts a smile on my face that goes all the way back to ’84.

'Til All Are Mine.


5 thoughts on “The ‘bot, the myth, the legend. G1 Optimus Prime!

  1. Great post. I hadn’t realized there were so many different aspects to these different OP’s of that mold, and I am sure there are likely a few more. I try to avoid getting redeco’s of the same mold, but when you have one you love you tend to get more of it. With the exception of this mold I have nearly every mainstream mold of Optimus made in the last few years and have wrestled with whether or not I will get it.

    • Thanks! At last count there were 23 different releases of the mold under Optimus Prime/Convoy. Of those at least half of them have mold differences. From the blue windshields of “Goodbye Convoy” to the blue eyes of the “2002 New Year Special” Convoy there’s been so many differences, I’ve lost track. The 25th Anniversary release is actually one of the most different looking as far as overall decos, with its pale red and light blue colours.

  2. So that’s what Pepsi Prime looks like opened. I have both the Hasbro and Takara versions, but never bothered to open either of them!

    • I hadn’t really looked at him either. I really like that they did all the details they did to him; from the designs on his knees and toes to the little Pepsi emblems on his “ears”.

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