I know how I should feel about this toy; I’m glad that I don’t. Dark of the Moon Que (certainly not Wheeljack)

In my last post, I pointed out that there have been a number of glaring contradictions in my usual rules regarding which side of “toy versus fiction” naming conflicts I take. This is another of those occasions — and one near and dear to me.

I’m not even going to bother with the spoiler alerts. Though I guess the title of the post and that previous sentence should be alert enough.

There are two Autobot “deaths” in Dark of the Moon that still make me quite unhappy; Ironhide and Que.

Que death scene

I’ve ranted enough about death being the crutch of a bad writer, so I’ll let my opinion on that stand. I positively refuse to think that my beloved Wheeljack showed up in the movie universe just long enough to share some of his “great inventions for kicking ass” and then get blown away.The wonders of personal canon ensure I don’t have to worry about it and in this case, Hasbro has made it even easier. Thanks in part to what I have now dubbed “The Jazz Loophole”, I can always presume that a movie “death” is about as final as a comic book death (read: not at all.) Going a step further, the “death” that I am ignoring isn’t even Wheeljack, it’s Que’s.

“But,” I hear you say, “Que is Wheeljack, so says the packaging of his toy!!”

To that, my carefully reasoned response is,



Just like I can not accept that the blue one is Rumble when there is an identical red one standing right next to him, I can’t accept that this is Wheeljack,

Que Robot

Mostly due to the fact that this exists somewhere in the world.

Que Movie Trilogy Wheeljack

In my world, Que is the mostly unreleased blue one and Wheeljack is the completely unreleased white one (and neither of them are dead.) Unreleased as Wheeljack may be, fingers crossed that some day he shows up in some market, preferably Hasbro’s. Granted, I should probably be more specific considering getting my hands on Que entailed waiting a year after his cancelled Hasbro U.S. release date and six months after he was finally released in Hasbro Asia markets to pick him up on Ebay for $30 shipped.  He was certainly worth it and it’s a pity that we never got him stateside. His headsculpt perfectly captures his movie incarnation’s “Einstein” look with tons of molded detail.

Que Head

In fact, he’s got a lot of detail overall, good paint apps, and most of his accessories clip on to him with 5mm clips.

Que Robot Tools

He has the requisite MechTech “weapons system” though in his case, it’s not a weapon at all, but a toolkit with a circular saw that extends forward and spins. He also has a power drill and a nail or rivet gun all in an odd, clashing green colour.

Que Tools

Unfortunately, there’s no way to lock the saw into that extended mode without wedging something into the mechanism. He has all these tools because he is the Autobot Technician, his movie status as inventor and weaponsmith being the only really tie-in to the name of Wheeljack.

Que Guns

“The little one is the ammo for the big one. It’s a gun that shoots guns. Oh, you’ve heard that one before?”

In an effort to not have him completely weaponless, his Mechtech system is described as “Tool Kit Converts To Combat Saw!” while his packaging obscures the picture and makes no text call out of his actual weapon, a spear.

Que Spear

I… he… a spear? What? I just don’t know what the thought behind that choice was. He’s an inventor and technician, somehow I’m doubting in the situations where he has to pick up a weapon, he reveals himself to be some sort of melee master of pole weaponry.

Que Spear Stabby

“Simple physics, if you think about it.”

Err, I stand corrected?

Moving on, Que has an alt mode. It’s, well… let’s just say that if any one thing can be pointed to as the reason Que didn’t get released here, it’s the fact that he transforms into a Mercedes-Benz E550.

Que Alt

The E-Class is what is known as an “Executive Car”; in other words, he’s not going to be able to hold his own against some of the more exciting Dark of the Moon alt modes. I guess that’s something else he has in common with the fellow Mercedes-Benz alt-moded and just as equally cancelled Dark of the Moon Soundwave.

'Til All Are Mine.


11 thoughts on “I know how I should feel about this toy; I’m glad that I don’t. Dark of the Moon Que (certainly not Wheeljack)

  1. Good post. I hadn’t though of the movie Wheeljack that way….in fact I didn’t even bother to learn his name that he was Wheeljack because he was killed off so quick and of course looks and acts NOTHING like the traditional Wheeljack.
    Your post was shorter than I wanted it to be as I read it this morning. Maybe some time you can go deeper into Wheeljack’s background.

    I like the name you picked though: Que. Makes perfect sense to his character in the movie.

    • I didn’t pick the name, his actual name in the movie (the one he introduces himself as) is “Que”. I also like that they went with the James Bond homage in the movie.
      So, the toy calls him Wheeljack for the Hasbro release and “Autobot Que” for the Takara release. The credits for Dark of the Moon call him “Que / Wheeljack”, http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/1623/powerdvd201110110501089.jpg
      Dark of the Moon has all kinds of pre-production name conflicts. Like I showed in my “Dark of the Moon Call Sheets” post, even while filming, Sentinel Prime was originally going to be Ultra Magnus: https://tilallaremine.wordpress.com/2011/07/01/dark-of-the-moon-call-sheets/
      But that was cleared up for both the toys and the movie. Unlike Dark of the Moon Mirage who is actually called “Dino” in the movie and was temporarily called “Enzo” while filming (from those same call sheets).
      We won’t go anywhere near the comic books or novelization as Que/Wheeljack wasn’t even originally intended to die, Dino/Mirage was.
      What a mess. Hence my solution:
      Que is the blue one, he is still alive using the “Jazz Loophole”.
      Wheeljack is the white one we never received a release of.
      Dino is the red Ferrari.
      Mirage is a blue-and-white ‘bot that looks a lot like his Alternators release but has only been seen in 3-D Battle Card Game form:

      • Thanks for the background. You’re aliving wiki. You should have your own blog! ( oh wait…..)
        I got the Human Alliance version and didn’t look back. I don’t pay much attention to the actual history of TF’s beyond the G1 cartoon but I do feel mor enlightened by your posts.

    • Bah. If Michael Bay has any blame here, it’s pretty minimal. Things like this or the fact that Brawl calls himself Devestator in the first movie are the result of miscommunication at a more corporate level. It would be more acceptable if these were movies that just happened to be made into toys, but the reverse is true. Is it avoidable? I don’t honestly know. I work in a corporate environment and miscommunication seems to be inevitable despite the best efforts of truly talented people. If I’m going to blame anyone for the pointless, non-impactful use of death as a third act cop-out to cover your plot gaps, I’m going to start with the writer, Ehren Kruger. I’m not really impressed by his stuff for RotF and DotM, which doesn’t give me high hopes for the script of Transformers 4.

      • Going by the making of the first Bay movie it looks like he tried to be sensitive to the fan base and “improve” the franchise with his spin. With a few exceptions I think he suceeded, at least in the first movie. Killing Jazz sucked royally.
        Fails multiplied dramatically in the follow on movies so far as paying homage to classic themes and characters goes.

  2. I agree, I definitely think the first movie was more sensitive to the fan base and I think it had everything to do with the fact that Orci and Kurtzman were better writers than Kruger has turned out to be.

    • Biggest fails for me in part 2 were a non-gestalt Devestator, and the cyber chick that made no sense what-so-ever outside of a Terminator movie.
      There was other stuff too, but I don’t want to be too picky.

      I don’t even know where to start on part 3….the title itself is a good place. Dark of the Moon…..the Moon doesn’t have a dark side. All pf it gets equal sunlight, just that one side always faces the Earth. Maybe it should have been called Blind Side of the Moon or something….I don’t know.
      Killed Ironhide…not too big a deal considering he was killed off the in the G-1 ‘toon movie, but still….

      Hated the new girlfriend. Good enough as eye-candy, but I didn’t buy her getting into Megatron’s head at the end. Megs pretty much considered humans no more than insects.

      Hated the Mechtech stuff all over the bots in general. A flying Optimus (which may have root in comics, but I never read the comics to any great extent.) A nearly indestructible Shockwave that didn’t talk nor even communicate with Megatron, even though Shockwave was supposed to be the commander of forces that remained on Cybertron. It just goes on and on.

      With all that moaning, I still enjoyed the movie, but only once I suspended the little bit of Transformers canon.

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