I’m the Ninja Consultant for the Decepticons, my name is Sixshot!

If you have never seen any of Omni Production’s dub of The Headmasters, Super-God Masterforce, or Victory — sometimes called “The Singapore Dub”, it’s the one referenced in my post about Billy-I mean, Blaster/Twincast — you are doing yourself a disservice. This dub is so horrifically bad, it’s awesome. Now, I’m in no way suggesting you watch all of the Omni dub, that can’t possibly be good for anyone’s sanity, but there’s enough of it up on the Tubes of You to give you a taste of the lunacy. One particularly note-worthy scene involves the translation of Sixshot’s function as “Ninja Officer”.

Now, does this mean he consults about ninjas? Or he is a ninja who also does consultations? On what? Or maybe he consults directly to ninjas? Mysterious. (Or ridiculous. Your choice.)

His single appearance in the U.S. cartoon was pretty much a straight advertisement for his toy and its unprecedented six modes.

He also only made an appearance in one panel of the second issues of the four-part Headmasters comic book mini-series. This meant that for a while, his involvement across Headmasters, the Japanese season 3 cartoon, was pretty much the entirety of Sixshot.


Most of that was being known as the guy that ruthlessly killed folks. First, we find out millions of years ago he killed Chromedome’s little friend Abel (get it? Abel, the biblical first victim of murder? Subtle Takara, real subtle.) Then he shows up in modern times, gets up to some pretty standard Decepticon hijinks and then, oh yeah, murders Ultra Magnus in episode 24, given the accurate-yet-spoiler-filled-title: “Ultra Magnus Dies!!”After he fires the fatal shots, Sixshot lets out one of the best evil, maniacal laughs in the history of Transformers cartoons. Four episodes later, he then murders yet another friend of Chromedome, Jack.

Chromedome with Abel and Jack, two of Sixshot's murder victims.

Chromedome with Abel and Jack, two of Sixshot’s murder victims.

All of this seems to culminate rather unsettlingly in episode 32 “My Friend Sixshot!” in which Daniel befriends “Uncle Sixshot” when he convinces himself that Sixshot isn’t really that bad of a guy. Did I mention this is the guy that killed Ultra Magnus a mere eight episodes prior? Or that killed two friends of Chromedome, who Daniel is supposedly also friends with?

The heartwarming story of a boy and his murderous, rampaging robot "Uncle".

The heartwarming story of a boy and his murderous, rampaging robot “Uncle”.

I never had Sixshot as a kid, I honestly don’t recall at what point I even became aware of his existence. Until somewhat recently, the real lack of a presence in US fiction lead to statements by many like,

“I generally like G1 figures but I don’t remember Six Shot at all.

However, IDW changed that by having him take a very active role in a number of their comics. Unfortunately, at first they poured on the “I’m a super-awesome-uber-cool-tailpipe-kicking ‘bot” a little too thick for me.

"Self-regenerating dark matter fission cell, hermetically sealed"? Oof.

“Self-regenerating dark matter fission cell, hermetically sealed”? Oof.

Granted, that “unbeatable one ‘bot army” thing has been knocked down a peg. The last we saw of him, he had just been dealt with by Metroplex.

Metroplex is stilled pissed

You may have to enlarge the image to see the tiny little “Urk!” coming from under Metroplex’s right foot. That would be Sixshot.

But even that couldn’t keep him down permanently, so I’m sure he’ll be making a comeback.

"I'm not dead yet!"

“I’m not dead yet!”

Hopefully his return will come as an actual character rather than the super-powered stereotype he’s been portrayed as so far. All of these appearances seem to have been enough to garner attention from Mastermind Creations, a 3rd Party group, who are soon releasing their highly articulated and highly expensive “Terminus Hexatron”.

Sixshot Terminus Hexatron

While a very, very nice looking toy, it’s not really something I need in my collection. Though it is infinitely more articulated than the original, it doesn’t really do anything to actually update Sixshot.

Sixshot Robot

While only having a single point of useful articulation (his arms swivel up) Sixshot’s G1 toy has one advantage, he is intimidatingly large.

Optimus: "Ummm, somebody find Fortress Maximus quick."

Optimus: “Ummm, somebody find Fortress Maximus quick.”

Mine is the 2002 Takara reissue. There’s recently been a Hasbro Asia reissue, but as it was given a shiny new chromed and metallic paint deco, it’s actually more expensive to get ahold of than the upcoming 3rd party toy.

Hopefully the combination of the 3rd party stuff — there’s also a recent Justitoys “World’s Smaller Transformers” release of Sixshot — and the Hasbro Asia release will drive prices down on the original and the 2002 reissue for those that haven’t had a chance to add this guy to their collections. For those that do finally get him, my first piece of advice regarding the instructions: ignore a good portion of the instructions.

First, don’t fold his chest “fins” in.

Sixshot Instructions Chest

I assume whomever made the instructions thought the chest fins should move completely out of the way of his one point of articulation, but his box art shows you how it’s really done.

Sixshot Boxart

I usually angle them out somewhat rather than just putting them flat out, but that’s personal preference. Ironically, Sixshot’s instructions came sealed with a sticker and presented the buyer with a challenge:

Sixshot Instructions Challenge

The reason this is ironic is that both the instructions and the photos on the back of the packaging mis-transform the armored carrier mode.

Sixshot Instructions Armored Carrier

There’s a step that rotates the arms to move the wheels forward.

Sixshot Armored Carrier

Another purported inaccuracy involves his gun mode. There are extra holes inside his legs. Not used in any of his official transformations, his gun mode would make much more sense if this were where his blasters should be put.

Sixshot Gun 1

Unlike the correct positioning of his wheels in armored carrier mode and of his chest fins in robot mode, the presumably correct gun mode transformation didn’t make it into his fictional appearances either. Instead they all used his instructions’ placement, on the outside.

Sixshot Gun 2

The two modes that are pretty properly described are his other two vehicle alt modes. First, there’s the tank, which is particularly cool for the command station that’s formed by folding out the wolf’s lower jaw.

Sixshot Tank

Then there’s my favourite of his vehicle alt modes and the most cohesive, the “Attack Jet”.

Sixshot Jet

My favourite of all of his modes is his wolf mode. However, even this mode doesn’t escape without a minor bit of scrutiny. If it is indeed just a wolf, then the instructions’ placement of Sixshot’s wings is fine.

Sixshot Instructions Wolf

However, his fictional appearances tend to go with a Winged Wolf, angling the wings up and out slightly.

Sixshot Wolf

One of the reasons the wolf is my favourite is that it even warrants a special call-out in his Tech Spec.

“Only the wolf creature has no need for Sixshot’s 2 hypersonic concussion blasters; the wolf mode prefers to rip apart enemy Autobots with his razor fangs.”

Of course, “Winged Wolf” isn’t to be confused with “Wingwolf”, the oddity of a “hidden” seventh mode he suddenly displayed in Headmasters.

Sixshot Wingwolf

I wonder if the reason this seventh mode is “hidden” is because he doesn’t want to get kicked out of the Six Clan? (Couldn’t possibly be because it’s completely made up by the producers of Headmasters and not actually a real thing… right?)

'Til All Are Mine.


6 thoughts on “I’m the Ninja Consultant for the Decepticons, my name is Sixshot!

  1. Hey, I love six shot, he’s my second favorite decepticon, and third favorite transformer( behind ironfist and soundwave). I own a vintage with reprolabels, love this post!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it never occurred to me that others hadn’t really encountered him until recently until I started seeing a lot of “Six-who?” posts online. Him being your second favourite Decepticon, did you shell out for the Mastermind Creations or Hasbro Asia releases?

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