Weapons of war. Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and the ever growing arsenal!

I have to admit a great deal of disappointment in Fall of Cybertron, and it’s almost all this guy’s fault:

OP and UM FoC WfC Robot

I’d like to be able to simply jump on the bandwagon and say that the toy is the problem; that he’s just too small and his transformation is to simplistic. In reality, he is much less bulky than his previous incarnation.

OP and UM FoC OP Robots

It’s not that, though, I really don’t have a problem with the recent down-sizing of the toys. No, I have an issue with the overall aesthetic. I have since before setting eyes on the toy itself; since seeing this shot from the Fall of Cybertron trailer.

OP and UM FoC Trailer

The design just doesn’t come close to his War for Cybertron body (a change that is never actually explained anywhere.) The toy actually improves on the odd, rounded look his head has, making it less rounded and more angled. However, it pales when put next to the awesome War for Cybertron head. The problem that the toy doesn’t fix is the chunky, blocked torso, though it does a decent job of downplaying it.

OP and UM FoC OP Robot

Still, that boxy, squared-off, top-heavy chest piece is something I would expect from an Ultra Magnus toy, not Optimus.

OP and UM FoC UM Robot

Oh. Well there you go. Yes, the mold definitely looks better as Ultra Magnus. In fact, I’m pretty sure he can deal with that (and just about anything else) right now.

"You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look good."

“You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look good.”

I consider this a sort of vindication for poor Ultra Magnus. After suffering as an on again, off again repaint of his much more famous “brother”, it’s good to see him actually doing a mold better. The strange part is just how well the exact same mold still manages to pull off a really good Optimus and Ultra Magnus alt mode at the same time.

OP and UM FoC Alt

Since Ultra Magnus’ appearance in Animated, he’s become somewhat synonymous with hammers, but it looks like earlier on, he chose a… stabbier-slicier weapon. The best part is that the sword splits into pieces and can be combined with his gun — the same as the gun that comes with the Optimus version of the mold — to form an even bigger sword.

OP and UM FoC Sword

Funnily enough, the sword itself is modeled after the sword Optimus uses in the final showdown with Megatron in the game.

OP and UM FoC vs Megatron Game

A scaled-down version of Megatron’s sword actually comes with Fall of Cybertron Air Raid.

OP and UM FoC vs Megatron

When it comes to a sudden boost in weapon accessories, Ultra Magnus and Air Raid are both indicative of the second and future waves of the Fall of Cybertron toys.

The weapon Optimus’ toy comes with appears in promotional material for the game.

OP and UM FoC OP Gun Art

This is a nice inclusion, and speaks to this new move to actually make toy versions of the weapons from the game.

OP and UM FoC OP Gun

Optimus’ primary weapon of choice in the game is the Path Blaster.

Wrong Optimus, right weapon.

Wrong Optimus, right weapon.

Sideswipe, a fellow wave 2 toy with Ultra Magnus, includes this massive weapon.

OP and UM FoC Path Blaster

After playing through the game and getting all the upgrades for the Path Blaster, there’s a good chance Sideswipe is not getting this weapon back from Optimus. All of this new weapon love isn’t entirely new. Back in War for Cybertron, Megatron came with his fusion cannon, the front half of which resembles a combination of the War for Cybertron Fusion Cannon and Fall of Cybertron‘s Riot Cannon

OP and UM FoC Riot and Fusion Cannons

Unfortunately, it was molded as his alt mode’s primary weapon and includes a huge piece at the end. Also, it attaches in a specific way to Megatron’s arm and really can’t be used by other toys.

"What the heck am I supposed to do with this?"

“What the heck am I supposed to do with this?”

Another weapon, which makes an appearance in the game but is really character-specific, is the Sling Shock. Unlike Megatron’s, Shockwave’s weapon has a standard post and can be held by others.

OP and UM FoC Sling Shock

Starscream comes with the game’s Neutron Assault Rifle, a very mean-looking geared six-barreled cannon.

OP and UM FoC Neutron Assault Rifle

Last but definitely not the least of wave 2 is one of my favourite weapons to use in multiplayer, the Gear Shredder. Used properly — never charge it all the way, it kills the accuracy — it’s a lethal and, more importantly, fun weapon (watching enemies flee with bladed discs sticking out of them from different angles never gets old).

OP and UM FoC Gear Shredder

Included with Kickback, the firing mechanism leaves a lot to be desired for a disc weapon, but it still looks very cool.

There are at least two of the next wave that come with game weapons; Whirl with the Subsonic Repeater and Roadbuster with the Energon Harvester. I can’t wait to grow the Fall of Cybertron in-game arsenal a little more.

"Now. Who needs a good dealin' with?"

“Now. Who needs a good dealin’ with?”

'Til All Are Mine.


3 thoughts on “Weapons of war. Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and the ever growing arsenal!

  1. Honestly, before I decided to wait and see if TOMY was going to turn “ALL SPARK” into a toyline (Generations or otherwise), he was a must have piece. But as we speak, he is a definite “must recommend” piece, especially when it comes to any (or all) Ultra Magnus fans. So good call on getting him. 🙂

    As for Prime… Optimus looks like he had hit middle age by growing himself an Energon gut. XP But I guess that is how they want him to look. So congrats on getting him as well, and I sure hope that every time you look at him… You can imagine him saying something in Peter Cullen’s voice. 🙂

    • I don’t know, it’s kind of debatable. While it does have a resemblance and some take it to be the X12, I personally think it doesn’t look enough like the X12 to count. To me the barrels are far too thin and spread apart. Also, the assembly is too blocky. The X12 in the game is a bulkier weapon with the barrels bunched together and a rounded look to the whole assembly. Though we did see an upgraded version of the X12 in the game, the even bigger X18. Maybe the weapon that comes with Shockwave, minus the muzzle is the X10 or X8… 🙂

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