Hunter. Hunted. I’m the guy with the guns and sword. Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Optimus Prime!

SPOILER ALERT for the very last moment of the last episode of Season 2 of Transformers Prime.

At the end of the final episode of Season 2 — appropriately named “Darkest Hour” — we are left with a stark image.

Optimus BH Darkest Hour

The damaged, lifeless hand of Optimus Prime jutting from the ruins of the Autobot base would have much more impact if it weren’t for the fact that:

  1. Optimus Prime “deaths” are somewhat commonplace in Transformers series. At this point, I’m starting to believe that when Hasbro hires a studio to produce a new series, the contract ends with “Oh, yes, one more thing: make sure to kill Optimus Prime at least once.”
  2. We’ve seen toys of Season 3 Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Optimus Prime. Not only does he survive his impromptu burying, but it actually seems to have done him some good.

Optimus BH Robot

Beast Hunters Optimus Prime is the bulked up, menacing looking version of Optimus that presumably somehow claws his way out of the literal mountain of rubble dropped on his head by the Decepticons. I was initially concerned that the armored versions of the Autobots might not make it into the cartoon itself, but going by the promotional material, it looks like at least Optimus will get his upgrade in cartoon form.

Optimus BH Promo

Speaking of Season 2, many fans have eagerly awaited the Star Saber in toy form ever since it made an appearance in Transformers Prime.

Optimus BH Star Saber

“Eagerly awaited” became “OMGGimmeThatSwordNow” when Optimus did this,

Optimus BH Star Saber Rock

Some of us even got weak in the knees when he followed that up with,

Optimus BH Star Saber Energy Wave

This lead to many fans simply taking it on themselves to equip their Optimus with his blade including the talented 3rd party accessory maker, Dr. Wu.

Optimus BH Star Saber Dr Wu

Some fans were… less interested in the subtle details.

Optimus BH Star Saber DIY

We did get a smaller, less impressive version of the Star Saber with the Robots in Disguise Optimus release.

Optimus BH Star Saber RiD

However, the smaller size puts it more on par with the Star Saber that comes with the Cyberverse release of Beast Hunters Optimus Prime.

Optimus BH Cyberverse Robot

It didn’t quite meet expectations for the mighty Star Saber, and happily Hasbro didn’t leave us hanging for long, though they have traded the blue glow of the cartoon version for translucent green.

Optimus BH Star Saber FE

The green tint is reflected in the promotional material, but we will see if that detail makes it into the cartoon.

Optimus BH Star Saber

Despite the upcoming Ultimate class “Dragon Disc” Optimus Prime, you know some will buy the Voyager release as well just to get the sword. For me, the sword was appealing, but the bigger draw was the built-in “Jet Wing” mode.

Optimus BH Wings

His backpack has places to put his weapons, both of his guns — which form jet engines for his flight mode — as well as the Star Saber.

Optimus BH Backpack

Optimus’ “Eaglefire Missile Launchers” are detailed in his instructions as:

  • Compact size masks devastating power.
  • Missile impact powerful enough to cause earthquakes.
  • Double as rocket engines for limited flight.

Optimus BH Guns

Augmenting this powerful new Optimus is a powerful looking new alt mode.

This is your Robot in Disguise.

Optimus RiD Alt

This is your Robot in no mood to deal with anyone’s crap any more, disguise be damned, thank you very much.

Optimus BH Alt

Disguise is officially gone from Optimus’ alt mode. Apparently now it’s all about brute force.

Optimus BH Alts

Though not from a completely official source, news has appeared that Season 3 or Beast Hunters will be the end of Transformers Prime with a new series coming (along with the fourth entry in the live action movie franchise) in 2014. If the toys and promos we’ve seen so far are any indication, it looks like Prime is looking to go out with a growling, angry bang, not a whimper.

Optimus BH Weapons

'Til All Are Mine.


9 thoughts on “Hunter. Hunted. I’m the guy with the guns and sword. Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Optimus Prime!

    • I was the same way. Now I’m just hoping that when the Ultimate version hits, I don’t find a reason to buy it. The voyager class one is perfectly scaled for my Prime display. That ultimate Predaking, though, OMG I can not wait. I skipped the voyager class Predaking altogether.

  1. Heh. Are you sure that he did not sever his hand off because he played an audio tape that recited a portion of the Necrodecepticonicon? 😉

    In all cases, I have decided that I am more into Beast Era Convoys than the others. I’m not sure why. I am guessing it is because Takara helped make Optimus Primal interesting in Beast Wars Special, and Lio Convoy is currently seen Takara Tomy’s version of Prime.

    But yeah! He so reminds me of Galaxy Convoy! Except the only think I dislike is the head sculpt. Specifically the mouth area. That, and I am mixed about the feet. But I guess I could get past that. Other than the face, this is a very nice piece!

    • You never know, he might have sawed his hand off; in the promo pic Optimus has a cannon where his left hand should be. 🙂 Of course, it’s no chainsaw, but if we could get Optimus to yell “Klaatu! Verata! Nnn… Necktie! Neptune! Nickel!” that would make my millennium.

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