Horse jokes are easy, Archaeopteryx jokes, not so much. Beast Wars Neo Mach Kick and Archadis! Beast Machines Airraptor!

Why did the Archaeopteryx catch the worm?

Because it was an early bird.

Sorry, as far as Archaeopteryx humor goes, that’s all I got. Prior to the second Japan-only Beast Wars sequel, Beast Wars Neo, (of which, to this day, neither sequel has been subtitled in English — a complete travesty) I would never have thought Archaeopteryx humor to be needed in a Transformers blog. However, there he is, the “stylish snob”.

Archadis Alt

Archadis is actually a relatively recent addition to my collection, but only because I already had this guy.

Archadis Airraptor  Alt

The Dinobot Airraptor from Beast Machines represented something we hadn’t seen too much of yet. While Beast Wars II introduced new characters using almost entirely pre-existing molds, Beast Wars Neo had a slew of new molds. Among these were many new Dinosaur-based molds for the Destrons and happily almost all of them were brought over as the Dinobots subline within Beast Machines, among these were Airraptor and the Target exclusive Magmatron. Though I like Airraptor’s bright paintjob, I can also appreciate Archadis’ more subtle coloration.

Archadis Airraptor Robots

Hidden under the wing on their chests are their spark crystals. Naturally Archadis sports a Predacon symbol.

Archadis Crystal

While Airraptor has the Beast Machines Dinobots faction symbol.

Archadis Airraptor  Crystal

Unfortunately, someone on Takara’s side of things seems to have missed this change. When they re-released Archadis in their Beast Wars Telemocha series it was with a Dinobot spark crystal rather than the original Predacon one.

The mold itself is just chock full of mostly non-annoying gimmicks. Turning the arm shield on the right arm — made of the alt mode’s feathered tail — causes a pistol to rotate into the hand.

Archadis Airraptor Pistols

In alt mode, both wings have spring-loaded mechanisms that allow them to release “feather-bombs”.

Archadis Airraptor Feather Bombs

“What the? Am I molting?”

The “mostly” in “mostly non-annoying” is that on Airraptor, these wings seem to have a hair-trigger and pop out at the slightest provocation. I think it may have something to do with the fact that the piece that makes up the actual trigger is shaped differently on Airraptor, forming more of a wedge, making the button more easy to brush against and set off the gimmick by accident.

Archadis Airraptor Triggers

Once the wings are ejected, they can be folded out to blasters.

Archadis Airraptor  Blasters

Archadis being a Destron (basically a Predacon) and Airraptor being a Dinobot (basically a Maximal)  means they can be mortal enemies. How much fun would it be to have a battle between “the most meticulous member of the Dinobot team” and the Destron who “worries over how many feathers he loses in battle”?

Archadis Airraptor Battle

Of course, a fight between these two in alt mode might just end up looking like a Pokemon battle.

How many Transformers fans must have named their Archeops "Archadis" or "Airraptor"?

How many Transformers fans must have named their Archeops “Archadis” or “Airraptor”?

The only reason I own Archadis is because I was looking for the Maximal, Mach Kick, another of the new Beast Wars Neo molds. Strangely enough, I found that the “Showdown of the Favorites” two-pack of Mach Kick and Archadis was the same price as trying to get Mach Kick by himself.

Why the long face?

Why the long face?

Much like Longrack and most of the other new mold Beast Wars Neo Maximals, Mach Kick never made it to the US market. Also, like his fellow Beast Wars Neo Maximals, he has a third, completely superfluous mode. Mach Kick’s is particularly bad; officially called “Protect Mode”, but known by many as The Unhorse.

Mach Kick Unhorse

That is gonna give me nightmares. Let us never speak of it again.

Mach Kick Unhorse Attack


No… seriously… never speak of it again.

Back to ponies! For having a horse alt mode, he has a serious amount of articulation.

Mach Kick Alt Posed

His rooted hair tail is actually attached to his robot mode weapon, his “Tail Tomahawk” “a combination axe/whip” which “can slice an enemy in two”.

Mach Kick Hatchet

“First person to make a My Little Pony joke gets a hatchet to the face.”

They sought fit to also give him a rooted hair ponytail in robot mode.

Mach Kick Head

Never having seen the show, I can’t say if it is intentional based on his character, but the headsculpt really reminds me of a Lucha libre mask. Keeping the “disturbing added gimmicks” tradition alive (for a previous example, see Longrack’s “Choking on his tongue” mode) Mach Kick has a “Elastic Hand attack”, where he thrusts his horse head right hand out.

Mach Kick Elastic Hand

Though he is all panels and pieces, they can mostly be folded out of the way to create a relatively clean looking robot mode from the front.

Mach Kick Robot

As two of three designs that were settled upon by a contest, it’s easy to see why these were considered “The Showdown of the Favorites”. Both molds are great in alt and robot modes.

Mach Kick Battle

And as a change of pace, you can partner Airraptor up with Mach Kick instead since they’re both good guys — well, “good” for the most part.

Mach Kick Horsey Ride

And the horse you rode in on…

'Til All Are Mine.


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