Updated Blaaaaaaaaaargh! Podcast? Blogcast? Youcast? Cast-tube?

A combination of work, the holiday, and rehearsals for the show I am in have conspired to consume all my free time, but everything seems to have evened out now.

My grand two-part Movie Optimus Prime post has fallen victim to technical difficulties. Err, maybe not “technical” so much as “physical limitations of current photo taking setup”. Basically, the two-parter will go up once I figure out how to make a big enough backdrop to be able to take a photo that can encompass this ridiculous collection of wingspans.

In the meantime, there’s some Insecticons on their way and for now there’s a sorta, kinda podcast.

Here you can find a little Podcast-ish experiment by Paul, the Gassy Autobot (who was not actually gassy in person), and myself:

Til All Are Gassy #1

In this 30 45 minute maiden voyage (yes, we did manage to fail at the time check thing and a little bit at the “focus” thing) you can get an idea of where we were going with it.  If you give it a listen and have criticism, suggestions, or just want to say “Never. Do. That. Again.” please leave some comments here on the blog post or over at the Youtube channel.

'Til All Are Mine.


5 thoughts on “Updated Blaaaaaaaaaargh! Podcast? Blogcast? Youcast? Cast-tube?

    • Someone else told me the same thing. 😦 I usually set the publish date for the Thursday of whatever week I write it. I’m going to have to see if I am mis-using the auto-publish feature or what the heck is going on. Granted, it’s not going to help this time because I’ll literally be 1-2 weeks behind. 🙂 Yay… life! I need a vacation, is it Botcon time yet?

    • Thanks! I am currently performing in a Murder Mystery show, tons of fun, *spoiler alert* I’m the guy that runs around being a huge jerk until I get shot to death. 🙂

      Posts on deck (first of which will go up later tonight):
      Who the heck is Spike Witwicky? (From G1 to DotM, plus a robot in there somewhere)
      A new definition for the BH in BH Smokescreen (also: OMG-Ripclaw-is-an-amazing-toy)
      A two parter of Movie Optimus Prime (or an excuse to see how many of the same guy I can fit in one photo)

  1. I quite enjoyed the podcast. I liked the musical interlude, and transition sound. I support your cause for less hollowness!

    On an unrelated note, I did some research on the update problem, and it only occurs on the mobile site. If you view full site, it works fine.

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