Name change courtesy of copyright or political correctness, you decide. Black Shadow (Sky Shadow)!

As unexpected homages and/or updates, Generations Sky Shadow ranks up there.

Black Shadow was a Takara exclusive released within the Transformers Victory line as a remold of the Mega Pretender Thunderwing with a new chest piece and head.

Black Shadow G1 Box Art

Now renamed Sky Shadow, he is a Hasbro exclusive released within the Generations line as a remold of Generations Thunderwing with a new chest piece and head.

Black Shadow Robot

Pretty awesome how this whole thing came full circle. Even minus the connection to G1 in a succinct update, he’d still be a pretty awesome figure on his own.

Black Shadow Robot Posed

With great light-piping and detailing, his headsculpt and new chest piece are wonderful.

Black Shadow Head and Chest

He retains the mold’s two missile launching cannons.

Black Shadow Two Guns

They can also be linked together to make one giant cannon that, thanks to his awesome articulation, he can hold with both hands.

Black Shadow One Gun

He has the detachable drone to simulate his G1 mold’s Inner Robot’s Alt mode.

Black Shadow Drone

The best image I could find of Black Shadow’s inner robot was from Botch the Crab’s Box Art Archive site.

Black Shadow Inner Robot Art

His Generations alt mode is an F22-ish jet

Black Shadow Alt

It becomes a little bit ungainly when you attach his guns under the wings.

Black Shadow Alt Guns

As tends to happen with molds that get used in Botcon sets, once Metalhawk showed up that made three versions of this mold that I have all with different heads.

Black Shadow Three

Luckily they are all distinct enough that the reuse doesn’t hurt them at all. That being said, the Black Shadow use is my favourite of the three.

Much like G1 Thunderwing, I don’t hold any delusions that his G1 figure will ever get reissued. Though unlike Thunderwing, at least Black Shadow made a cartoon appearance. Takara’s equivalent of Hasbro’s Mega Pretenders — Pretenders whose shell could also transform — the two Destron “Crossformers” Black Shadow and Blue Bacchus appeared in one episode of Victory. The pretty much tore up the planet Micro but were stopped when Greatshot, the Cybertron six-changer, showed up and destroyed their shells, sending them fleeing into space. A short, but fun appearance.

Black Shadow Transforms

He’s got some great P.R. people working for him, somehow that short and injurious appearance has since been spun into a character that, according to his Generations bio, is “one of the most foul, dark-hearted Decepticons in the galaxy.” As if that wasn’t enough, it goes on to state “Megatron shudders when he hears the whine of jet engines in the distance, for it may be Sky Shadow coming for him!”



Granted the best part about Black Shadow is his original G1 function:

Space Gangster

How awesome is that?

'Til All Are Mine.


3 thoughts on “Name change courtesy of copyright or political correctness, you decide. Black Shadow (Sky Shadow)!

  1. Great post! This is also my favorite version of the mold! I just wish we could get the other Phase-sixers in toy form, mainly Sixshot, but also a mainline Overlord (I never go to botcon, as mentioned before). But this toy is great, I’m a sucker for obscure Japanese characters getting updates.

    Side note: generations Blitzwing should be retooled into overlord…

  2. I think he actually does the mold better than Thunderwing. The biggest problem with Thunderwing’s toy is that he’s short even for a Deluxe despite being a leader character. Black Shadow, though, is a lone operative; he’s allowed to be a bit short.

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