Who needs barnstorming when you can just blow the barn to smithereens? Dark of the Moon Powerglide!

Apparently by “lands this weekend”, I meant “will be accidentally forgotten about in the shuffle of getting unpacked just so I can start packing again for Botcon”. Oops.

Dark of the Moon Powerglide is one of my favourite things to come out to of the entire Dark of the Moon toyline. In fact, a lot of the best stuff to come out of the line were a part of the smaller scaled Cyberverse line and toys that didn’t get larger scale incarnations. Things like the Ark with Roller and Guzzle were absolute gems, as was the heavily armed Commander class Cyberverse Powerglide.

Powerglide DotM Robot Guns

Obviously an homage to the original and my childhood favourite minibot, G1 Powerglide, this guy joins Dark of the Moon Guzzle as another clear cut case of Hasbro showing their endearing devotion to the source material.

Powerglide DotM Robots

Meanwhile his headsculpt has an inordinate amount of detailing for such a small toy.

Powerglide DotM Head

Speaking of detailing, his wing has a nice Autobot Air Force insignia.

Powerglide DotM Wing Symbol

I am so happy they went with the correct colour scheme, if a bit darker red, for this guy, not pulling a Universe 2008 Powerglide on him.

Powerglide DotM Alts

This allowed him to take a place on one of my favourite shelves, the Movie-verse “G1 Homages” display.

Powerglide DotM G1 Deco Shelf

His transformation is surprisingly involved. I particularly like how his arms rotate and fold into much the same place as his G1 incarnation, despite the wings themselves being attached the arms rather than folding up against his body. Also, the massive amounts of weaponry that come with him unfolds from their handheld position to fill his wings like a proper A-10.

Powerglide DotM Gun Alt

An A-10 is pretty much a gun with an airplane strapped to it, so this is one area that he eclipses his G1 version.


This makes me very, very happy.

'Til All Are Mine.


4 thoughts on “Who needs barnstorming when you can just blow the barn to smithereens? Dark of the Moon Powerglide!

    • Took me a moment to figure out where that question came from. 🙂
      He’s not. The “G1 Homages” display doesn’t take up the whole shelf, they stop at “Gathering at Nemesis” Soundwave, DotM Thundercracker, and Scrapper.
      All my deluxe Ravages and the other two deluxe movie Soundwaves just share the shelf with the G1 homages.

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