Now witness the genesis of your destruction! Robots in Disguise Scourge!




and now Scourge.

The newest toy to be released under the name “Scourge” is a return to a previous character, Robots in Disguise Scourge.

Scourge RiD Cartoon

I have definitely not shied away from my love of Robots in Disguise, the series that refused to take itself seriously. Though all of the Decepticons were the least interesting characters in it, that’s only because they just could not compete with the madcap Predacons, lead by Sky-Byte. Even then, the Decepticons got to join in the fun occasionally, including episode 18 “The Test” which saw them sweeping up leaves in a forest to try to prove to the Autobots that they were changed ‘bots and ready to join the side of good.

Scourge RiD Sweeping

Spoilers: it was all an act, the big fakers! One other thing that I like a lot about Robots in Disguise is how close to the toys the animation models stayed. Scourge himself was a black repaint of the original G2 Laser Optimus Prime, a toy much beloved for its articulation.

Scourge RiD Robot

An evil clone of Optimus — originally Black Convoy the evil clone of Super Fire Convoy — Scourge was the result of an Autobot protoform in a stasis pod scanning Optimus Prime, a fuel tanker truck, and a human all at the same time all while being corrupted into a Decepticon by Megatron.  This explains why his alt mode isn’t Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime’s fire engine.

Scourge RiD Alt with Trailer

His trailer unfolds into base mode, complete with air powered missile launcher, spring-loaded six missile launcher, and disc launcher.

Scourge RiD Base

With the electronic lights removed, he trades the original’s clear sword for his red “Sword of Fury”.

Scourge RiD Swordfight

The teal was a welcome but unexpected detail to break up the black. I personally think he does the truck mode better than the original.

Scourge RiD Alt with G2

Robots in Disguise excelled at using G1 and G2 molds and that extended to the small scale “Spy Changers”, my favourite thing about the entire toyline. Alongside the repainted G2 molds, original Spy Changer molds of some of the others characters were released, which is how Scourge got his first (and only) original mold toy.

Scourge RiD Spy Changer Alt

A perfect rendition in miniature, the only thing he is missing is a tiny red sword.

Scourge RiD Spy Changer Robot

The reason this post is so timely, coming right on Botcon week is that Tiny Scourge and I have a history. For reasons that now escape me, I took him with me to Botcon 2010. Thus started the tradition of a series of “Tiny Scourge cares not…” photos being posted on Facebook during Botcon. Last year, Tiny Scourge even took on a pet, Tiny Ravage.

Tiny Scourge cares not that he is vertically challenged. Tiny Ravage, however, is nowhere to be found.

Tiny Scourge cares not that he is vertically challenged. Tiny Ravage, however, is nowhere to be found.

However, Tiny Scourge cares not for making friends and it appears Tiny Ravage, despite being all stabby, pointy bits, was just too willing to buddy up at Botcon.

Scourge RiD Tiny Ravage Friends

Tiny Ravage also proved to be quite the alcoholic. He has therefore been replaced this year. All shall be revealed the rest of this week in

“Botcon 2013: The return of the continuing journey of the on-going adventures of Tiny Scourge”

Meanwhile Robots in Disguise Scourge’s adventures in toy form didn’t stop with his 2002 Spy Changer release.

Scourge RiD Destructicon Robot

In 2003 he joined Robots in Disguise Destructicon Bludgeon when he was released as Robots in Disguise Destructicon Scourge.

1. Robots in Disguise had ended a year prior.

2. What the heck is a “Destructicon”?

Despite these two oddities, the particular brilliance of this toy is that he is a repaint of the other original mold G2 Optimus toy, “Hero” Optimus Prime. With his ludicrously large air pump missile launcher, he is a remarkably frustrating mold. Most of his great articulation is hampered by being back-heavy.

And once again, with the wrong missiles. Oops.

And once again, with the wrong missiles. Oops.

Apparently Scourge still had some mileage left in him. Last year the Transformers Collectors Club announced that Timelines Scourge would be included in the first ever Transformers Figure Subscription Service. Being a repaint of Reveal the Shield Optimus Prime, itself an update of the G2 Laser Optimus Prime that original Scourge was a repaint of, is absolute perfection for this character. He arrived on my doorstep last week as the surprise first release of the Subscription Service.

Scourge RiD Timelines Robot

True to TFCC figures, his paint applications are amazing. He even manages to one-up the other three versions of Scourge by including the upside-down G2 Autobot symbols that Scourge sported in the show, but not on his toys.

Scourge RiD Timelines Alt

He also has some seriously awesome art for his bio.

Scourge RiD Bio Art

I didn’t buy the Generations “Combat Hero Optimus Prime” repaint, which brings the versions of this mold I own to only… four?

Scourge RiD Generations

I can’t even say which is my favourite version of this mold. They all do so well, partially because three of the four are club exclusives and benefit from copious amounts of extra paint applications. I think it might be Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus with his Diaclone colour-scheme and crystal skull head mold, but even then it’s a very, very narrow margin.

Staying on the topic of comparisons, this Scourge update does a tremendous job of carrying on the name.

Scourge RiD Robots

Evil black trucks in every size imaginable.

Scourge RiD Alts

This new Scourge makes the third Transformers Collectors Club’s Robots in Disguise update.

Scourge RiD Updates

I am all for any re-treading they want to do of the Robots in Disguise universe.

'Til All Are Mine.


3 thoughts on “Now witness the genesis of your destruction! Robots in Disguise Scourge!

  1. The best part and worst part of Scourge will always be his name.

    It’s the best part because it distinguishes him. He’s one of the few black Optimuses to have an actual personality beyond “evil clone,” and it’s a genuniely good name on top of that. It’s why people still wanted a Scourge toy all these years later; Scourge was cool for reasons that had nothing to do with being black.

    The worst part is that it’s taken. Every Scourge homage is to the G1 spaceship; a few people have actually suggested that Generations Scourge is why this guy’s in Timelines. What’s more, his name is not Nemesis Prime – which, despite being a much worse name, is easier to identify as “Optimus but black,” which 90% of Nemesis Primes turn out as anyway.

    Still, now I kind of want to see a Guiltaur toy.

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  3. yeah… I even prefer “black convoy” to the original scourge name… or even black prime

    but yes. this guy kicks serious ass.

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