BotCon 2013 Part 1: the Customs and Contest pieces

As is probably amply apparent by last week’s lack of updates, I was once again unable to get the “blogging on the road” thing to work out properly. This year, I’m splitting BotCon up into four posts:

  • Customs and Contest Pieces
  • Cosplay
  • The Transformers Ride at Universal Studios
  • The Toys (and my thoughts on what’s coming.)

The first post in the series is devoted to the custom ‘bots scattered around the dealer room as well as some of my favourite pieces from the contest entries.  20130628_161425A great diorama entry, I really liked this light-up update/recreation of the cover of Transformers issue 45 with Skullgrin and Circuit Breaker.

20130628_161527 20130628_161627Both of these are from a display called something like “Optimus’ Bad Day”, using models designed after the absolutely wonderful Playstation 2 Transformers Armada videogame. Look at those awesome, fat little Mini-cons!!!

20130628_161743I don’t know much about Skylanders, but I know enough to be able appreciate this adorable Skylanders Dinobots piece.

20130628_161818This piece made me laugh. Fans are constantly misusing the word “Neon” when complaining about some toys. I’m sure Neon Fire Prime released at retail would cause conniption fits all over the place.

20130628_162017Shattered Glass Star Convoy seems like an expensive but awesome custom. Complete with Shattered Glass Rodimus Micromaster! Though I forgot to check if he has a tiny, tiny goatee of evil.

20130628_162058I believe this Skyquake helmet won first place in one of the contests.

20130628_162123Though how these Classics Omnibots didn’t win anything is a complete mystery to me, they were freaking awesome.

20130628_162157I like this anime-ish G1 Arcee statue, it actually manages not to over-sexualize her.

20130628_150355The UFO Leader class Optimus Prime trailer is really impressive in person.

20130628_151840Custom painted Shattered Glass Powermaster Optimus Prime was stuffed full of tiny details.

20130628_151847Including what I assume is the head of heroic Shattered Glass Decepticon Devastator on his arm as a shield.

20130628_164513I wish I could have gotten better photos of these four (or any real photo of the fifth) custom members of the Decepticon Justice Division from the IDW comics. Not sure if you can take off Vos’ face or not.

20130628_164521The electric D.J.D. member, Kaon and his pet Sparkeater.

20130628_164526A closer shot of “The Pet”.

20130628_164631Tarn, the leader and spark whisperer.

20130628_164644The best part of the display was Tesarus. Mostly because of the hole in his chest.

20130628_164654His chest cavity houses a very cool electricity-looking effect.

20130628_170144This graphic was on a messenger bag one of my friends bought. Too adorable for words.

20130630_093857And last, but certainly not least, these prints by the tremendously talented and creative Matt Kuphaldt, an artist I have mentioned more than a couple times.

So that’s it for the custom and contest pieces, next up the cosplay of BotCon 2013 (or at least what I saw of it.)

'Til All Are Mine.


3 thoughts on “BotCon 2013 Part 1: the Customs and Contest pieces

  1. Those customs look great! I’ve always wanted updates of obscure characters like the omnibots! I still want new triggerbots. The tracks mold would make a great Backstreet.

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