This guy is definitely not the shoulder to cry on (zing!) Generations Blitzwing!

Generations Springer… oh, how I love you.

And oh, how your Series 3 wavemate must hate you.

Blitzwing Gen Sneak Attack

Naturally there’s the whole Autobot versus Decepticon thing, but I would imagine Blitzwing’s enmity goes deeper in this case. As a toy, Springer is perfect in as many different ways as Blitzwing is flawed. First, let me say that display-wise I am personally fine with all three of Blitzwing’s modes and the toy overall. It’s when you start to transform him, or even worse try to play with him, that it starts to break down.

Not that I play with toys.


Blitzwing Gen Sword Fight 1

No way.

Blitzwing Gen Sword Fight 2

Let’s break down the break down, shall we? Both alt modes are pretty close to his G1 toy in different ways. For the tank; from one side, yep, that’s definitely a tank.

Blitzwing Gen Tank Alts

From the other side, yep, that’s more or less a tank with an airplane’s fuselage trying unsuccessfully to hide in it.

Blitzwing Gen Tank Alts Back

The robot feet just dangling out there don’t help the situation. Still, tank mode is decent enough from the front.

Blitzwing Gen Tank Alt

His jet alt mode moves a good portion of the bulk his G1 incarnation carries in his bulky wings to a pair of rocket boosters on the top instead, giving him a much better outline. Also, his tank cannon can be rotated forward and used in jet mode, which is a nice touch.

Blitzwing Gen Jet Alts

Aaaaaand G1 Blitzwing’s lack of vertical stabilizers in this picture are why taking photos late at night is a bad idea.

Not that it isn’t without its own problems but, luckily again, only from the back. The gap that exists in tank mode makes another appearance, this time swapping a nosecone for a tank cannon.

Blitzwing Gen Jet Alt Top

Following suit: a very passable alt mode from the front.

Blitzwing Gen Jet Alt

Pulling a perfect hat trick, robot mode — stationary and left alone — is also great.

Blitzwing Gen Robot

The flaws in this mode aren’t so readily available but they are most certainly there. First, foremost, and the number three predictive result on Google when you type “Generations Blitzwing” in a search: his shoulder assembly is a disaster.

Blitzwing Gen Shoulders

This photo also highlights how the paint from his head gets rubbed off by the tight fit of his transformation.

In theory, the design works fine, There’s a tab and there’s a groove for said tab. In practice, the material used is so flexible that there’s nothing applying the pressure necessary to keep the tab in the groove. Rotate or move the arm in the slightest and the whole assembly pops loose at the hinge. There are two fixes going around: one involving invasive surgery, the other the affixing of material in the gap on the back of his shoulder pieces to force the sections together. For me this is ultimately a display piece. Mine holds together fine as long as the arms aren’t in the act of being rotated, so in the end I decided to go with neither.

Blitzwing Gen Robot Pose

Some other details they did a good job of recreating are his weapons, especially the sword. His paintjob is likewise a wonderful update to the original, with the paint on his chest recreating the details of his stickers.

Blitzwing Gen Robots

You know, I never really considered the oddity that is G1 Blitzwing’s yellow painted head not fitting with the tan or purple that the majority of his body sports until his Generations release.  Speaking of heads, that’s another set of problems with this new release. First, his head is too large to really fit properly into his nosecone when transforming, causing odd bulging in some cases and the aforementioned paint scraping.

Blitzwing Gen Head Scrape

Second, the paint inside and construction of his helmet piece conspires to destroy what should have been the single most awesome thing about this particular toy. Not only is his an update to his G1 presence, but he also includes a phenomenal homage to his Animated incarnation in the form of a rotating head. His “G1” head fills in for the “Hothead”, but rotate the face up or down and you will find both “Icy” and “Random” (or just “Crazy”).

Blitzwing Gen Heads

Or rather, it would have that ability were it not for the fact I literally have to dismantle his head. I have to remove the screw and one full half of his helmet pieces to be able to rotate the faces. Just in the images above you can see how the paint came right off the head as I attempted to use the gimmick. To me, this is an even bigger failing than his shoulder issue.

Just crazy.

"I like zis guy!"

“I like zis guy!”

Although, it is still a lot of fun to reunite Herr Blitzving with his fellow Animated miscreant, Lugnut. Both, along with Lockdown, are now officially part of the G1 Universe.

"This reunion is glorious!"

“This reunion is glorious!”

For what it’s worth, there’s at least one running change with Blitzwing that I know of. What appears to be the first version sports an all-silver Decepticon symbol, this was changed at some point to a silver-outlined purple Decepticon symbol.

Blitzwing Gen Symbol

Because it’s right there on the front, it’s easy to see which you’re getting when buy him, for those that prefer one over the other.

Now, finally all three Decepticon Triple Changers have received updates, with Blitzwing fairly towering over the other two.

Blitzwing Gen Triple Changers

Despite taking this long after both Astrotrain and Octane to get a Generations release , Blitzwing remains a favourite in the fandom. I’m thinking it’s most likely due to his two alt modes being really cool. No offense meant to Octane and Astrotrain, but a fueler and a transport are not going to be able to compete with a Ground and Air Commander.

With a capital "L"? So, lethaL?

With a capital “L”? So, lethaL?

His popularity wasn’t something I really had thought about until a group caused a stir around the time of Dark of the Moon. They did a computer rendering tutorial creating a “Blitzwing” for the movie-verse. Though nowhere near the level of rendering seen in the movies themselves, it was impressive enough that a single screenshot from it spread a rumor that Blitzwing was going to be included in the movie.

'Til All Are Mine.


3 thoughts on “This guy is definitely not the shoulder to cry on (zing!) Generations Blitzwing!

  1. I was fed up with his broken head and exchanged the defective one for a new one yesterday. The new one actually works fine and the faces rotate without issue. I took the head apart to figure out what the great difference was and noticed that the bar in the middle of the head that the faces rotate on — which had paint on it on my old one — has no paint at all. My suggestion to anyone that has faces that do not rotate would be to first check that bar and see if it has been painted. If it is has, some alcohol should take that paint off and might allow the gimmick to start working freely.

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