OMG! I can’t believe he [REDACTED] the [REDACTED] right into his [REDACTED]. Transformers Prime Megatron!

This post comes with a handy-dandy dividing line in the middle. First section, the toys. Second, the clearly marked, spoiler-laden section on “Deadlock”, the series finale of Transformers Prime — also known as one half of the reason this post is going up almost a week late. (The other half is due to an assembly error in Beast Hunters Megatron that needed to be fixed.)

Megatron went into Prime with a bland, prosaic toy but manages to go out on one of the most inspired redeco choices in recent history.

His first releases are virtually identical, just different in scale. For this reason, I chose to skip the deluxe First Edition release and just go for the Voyager Robots in Disguise release. Just like with Optimus Prime, the biggest problem with Megatron’s toy is that it stays true to his animation model, going from two-tone robot mode to flying Cybertronian… thing.

Megatron Prime RiD Alt

He does have one thing going for him that most of the other “Powerizer” (Robots in Disguise Voyagers) releases are lacking. At least an alien spaceship can have a large cannon mounted on the top without it looking too silly.

Megatron Prime RiD Alt Gun

Though while we’re on the subject of silly, the one thing I think could have been done much better is covering his head. As it stands, he kind of peeks out of the top of his vehicle mode.



Not much else to say about it. Even with Megatron playing peek-a-boo out the top, I guess it is still kind of mean-looking for a nondescript flying… thing and Megatron did get some pretty good use out of it in the show.

From there we get to his best mode, though still not too visually exciting, it is very well articulated.

Megatron Prime RiD Robot

His “Powerizer” weapon is his iconic fusion cannon.

Megatron Prime RiD Robot Gun

Much like the other “powerizer” systems, the light inside doesn’t really do its job properly. However, the weapon can be transformed into his arm blade, which made frequent appearances throughout the cartoon and is actually cool.

Megatron Prime RiD Robot Sword

Annoyingly, the blade doesn’t have a locking mechanism to keep it deployed. He also comes with a strange “Combat Claw” attachment that he can hold, or that can be attached to the end of his gun.

Now that we have seen the wonderfully molded yet boringly painted results of toy designers having to follow a cartoon model, let’s see what happens when the toy designers are told, “this next one won’t be appearing in the show. Go wild.”

Megatron Prime BH Robot

To the toy designer that made these choices, you are either a madman or a genius and for that I would like to say thank you.


I am a huge fan of weird Transformers and the Beast Hunters line continues to deliver weird in epic portions. Not only have we received a Prime Megatron heavily remolded into some strange fishy configuration, but he is then painted as an homage to the original G1 Sharkticons.

Megatron Prime BH Robot Posed

His packaging simply refers to him as Megatron, but his instructions call him “Sharkticon Megatron”.  Also, his weapon is heralded on the box as the Tartarex (Ha! Tartar Sauce anyone?) Warp Sword, and then called a Sharktooth Spear in his instructions. This time his weapon includes a mechanism that allows it to remain locked in sword position.

Megatron Prime BH Robot Sword

Though gone is his arm mounted fusion cannon, in its folded position his new weapon forms a huge, fish-themed cannon.

Megatron Prime BH Robot Gun

He even receives a new, shark-toothed version of the Decepticon insignia.

Megatron Prime BH Insignia

His beastly vehicle mode now includes a panel that covers his head completely in alt mode.

Megatron Prime BH Alt

Attaching his weapon to the top does start to swerve back into silly territory, but given everything else going on with this mold, it’s forgivable.

Megatron Prime BH Alt Gun

My only real complaint about him is that they appear to have painted the teeth in his robot mode’s mouth black so it looks like a hole. When you look closely, you can see the molded detail of the same razor teeth that adorn his Robots in Disguise release’s headsculpt. From a distance, the black hole coupled with the width of his mouth instantly brings to my mind one word: muppet.

Megatron Prime BH Head

“This muppet is going to bite your face off.”

I do have to say I am glad that this toyline is getting to go out on such an over-the-top and flat out freaking fun note.

Prime Spoiler Alert

I will never not think that joke is funny.

I can’t stress enough how much of a spoiler this is about to be. Of course, after a post full of the toys of Prime Megatron, everyone that has seen the final episode of Transformers Prime knows exactly what I am typing about.

In a last ditch attempt to get the Star Saber to Optimus, Bumblebee is brutally gunned down by Megatron, going offline as he sinks into the pool of cyber matter collected in the Omega Lock.

Shortly thereafter, Megatron stands over a helpless Optimus, about to deliver the final blow.

“Prepare to join your scout in the Allspark.”

 ,he gloats as he raises the Dark Star Saber above his head.


Easily one of the greatest moments in the history of Transformers animation, there’s a look on Megatron’s face as he belligerently turns to face this unfamiliar voice,

Megatron Prime Surprise

The sound that accompanies the animated image above is the abrasive impact of metal slicing through metal and something of a gurgle from Megatron. Pan down as we follow Megatron’s eyes to the Star Saber now firmly planted through his chest and out his back, straight through his spark. To his greater surprise, it is Bumblebee, fully restored, including his voicebox, damaged eons before by Megatron himself,

“You took my voice. You will never rob anyone of anything ever again.”

Through the hole in his chest, we see the light of his spark wink out as his optics go black. He then slips ever so slowly from the sword and his lifeless body plummets to the earth below, burning as it falls through the atmosphere.

Megatron Prime Slipping Away

As I have expounded to some degree, I am not a fan of meaningless death. Assuming he is truly dead, this is the complete and utter opposite of all that ham-handed, cheap, hollow and inconsequential death so very popular in Transformers comics. This is a death that means something in so many different ways. Does it end the story? No, this death is the one thing that allows them to begin the process of rebuilding Cybertron properly. That aside: Starscream and Shockwave survived to retreat; Knock-out has joined the winning team is in Autobot custody; Soundwave is alive, though currently locked in the shadowzone;  Airachnid is alive sort of mostly alive-ish on one of the moons of Cybertron; and there is, of course, at least one live Predacon loose on Cybertron.

Predaking Prime Deadlock

I honestly can not wait to see Transformers Prime: Predacons Rising when it hits Blu-ray in October.

In the meantime, as I told a friend, I will most likely have Deadlock going on repeat. I’m just not ready to let this wonderful Transformer universe go just yet.

'Til All Are Mine.


5 thoughts on “OMG! I can’t believe he [REDACTED] the [REDACTED] right into his [REDACTED]. Transformers Prime Megatron!

  1. I really felt I couldn’t enjoy the last episode because I knew bumblebee was alive because I knew he talked later, and the ending didnt do it for me because I knew the movie was coming, so it’s not a proper ending.

    • I agree with the first part. That absolutely HUGE stupid freaking spoiler they put out was asinine. I stayed away from posts that mentioned it and by doing so I got lucky and basically I completely forgot Bumblebee was supposed to speak in the episode. I seriously got teary when he went offline. I would have been so angry… had I remembered it.
      I disagree with it not being a proper ending, as long as Megatron stays dead, then that alone puts a cap on the series. The restoration of Cybertron is the end of Transformers Prime, the series. Even if there was no movie, I would be satisifed with this series as a whole. How they deal with Cybertron and the combination of Insecticon Vampire Armies, remaining Decepticons, and the impending rise of the Predacons are all bonus tales past that point. Now that they have announced that the new series will be something of a continuation of this universe, I hope we get some more (maybe in comic book form?) about what happens post series and post movie.

  2. Your right about it being a good ending, but there’s still so many plot points left… I’m still burned on Animated’s ending. Also, when are the podcasts coming back?

    • Yeah, I’m still sad about Animated too.
      My fellow podcaster and the one that does all the audio editing just bought a house and had to do all those fun finalizing and relocating activities, hopefully we’ll have some news on that front soon!

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