I have returned from a roadtrip up north to the Great Lakes to take a much needed vacation staying in a lakeside cabin for a week.

Trailbreakercutter and Chop ShopBarrage were my two traveling companions.

Chop Shop Barrage Coffee

Both became subjects on Robots with Coffee the Facebook photojournal I am now a contributor on with Paul, my friend over at The Gassy Autobot.

Trailbreaker Lake CoffeeAnother ‘bot that made a RwC appearance as well was waiting for me when I returned. He’ll be the subject of a post of his own soon; “The Year of the Really Big Autobots, Part Three (of three)”.

Metroplex with coffee

'Til All Are Mine.


5 thoughts on “‘TilAllAreCaffeinated

    • Sadly I don’t have any of them yet, but have wanted to hunt down the Deluxe Instecticons for a while. This new Targetmaster-ish version of Chop Shop has seriously intensified that.

  1. I love the fansproject Deluxe Insecticons, they are my CHUG versions until something official comes out. I know something’s coming, cause they’ve been showing up a lot lately…

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