Transformers 4 is blowing up my hometown of Hong Kong… I mean Chicago.

I spent part of my day watching the filming of Transformers 4. Today they were using McCormick Place (one of our local convention centers) as another Hong Kong location. Here’s some of my shots.

Transformers 4 1

The calm before the storm. Chicago’s McCormick Place gets a Hong Kong makeover.

Transformers 4 2

The equipment starts to roll in. Soooo much equipment.

Transformers 4 3

The director looks over the shots taken earlier that day.

Transformers 4 4

This camera contraption was pretty awesome.

Transformers 4 5

So much time was spent staring at these two cars. Obviously wired for action.

Transformers 4 6

Of course, Bay’s trademark Pursuit Car was in use.

Transformers 4 7

There was take after take after take of panicked running.

Transformers 4 8

So much panicked running.

Transformers 4 9

From this angle you can see the cable system used to propel the cars once they are ready to explode.

Transformers 4 10

And action! Finally, the reason we were all there. ‘Splosions.

Transformers 4 11

…and more ‘splosions…

Transformers 4 12

…and still more ‘splosions. I felt this series of explosions reverberate in my chest. It was awesome.

Transformers 4 13

The aftermath.

Transformers 4 14

Inspecting the scene of destruction.

Transformers 4 is filming in Chicago until October 2nd, so there will probably be plenty more of these posts; especially next week when they start filming around the corner from my house. Just like the podcast posts (which I hope to be able to return to very soon), these won’t take the place of the weekly toy posts, those will still land sometime during the week (in this case, I think Sunday).

'Til All Are Mine.


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