After stating that movie filming posts would not supersede a week’s toy post, I got myself discombobulated (lovely word, isn’t it?). I posted two filming posts in one week and forget to post that week’s toy post . To make up for it, I posted two toy posts the following week, which in turn caused me to completely miss last week.


Rather than trying to over promise two posts this week to backfill last week, I’m just going to move Ultra Magnus back to his place as last week’s post and call the whole thing a wash.

Later this week, you can look forward to a post titled “The Transformers Collector’s Club has declared war on my displays!” starring Hoist(s). Meanwhile, have some robots with caffeinated beverages (and sometimes pancakes):

Robots with Coffee!

Also, happy September 17th; a.k.a. the day 29 years ago Transformers made its cartoon debut! Nothing says ‘anniversary’ like a cake of Optimus Prime wearing a bouquet.


'Til All Are Mine.


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