Episode 5: I’m only in this for the Likes

Throwing this out there for the heck of it, this is the episode we recorded right after BotCon that got waylaid by Paul’s moving to a new abode. We had a lot of fun with it, your mileage may vary.

We are still bereft of audio editing equipment so it’s a little rough, ending somewhat abruptly when my kid invades the session.

Robots in Cahoots!

'Til All Are Mine.


2 thoughts on “Episode 5: I’m only in this for the Likes

  1. So the LAST session we intended to be three parts (the C2E2 and another discussion) with the 3rd part Iron Man 3 discussion being, I forget exactly, but something between 20-40 minutes long, and it was animated even though we were in agreement for the most part. But by the time I got done editing the first two parts, Iron Man 3 was out of the theater, as discussed in this podcast.

    So this is PART 1 of a two-part podcast, with Part 2 covering Botcon, or at least whatever Eric didn’t write about on his blog. And that will also be semi-edited. I’m trying out a new editor but with little time even after my move it ends up being a big chore having to learn the quirks WHILE I’m editing this two month old two-parter. What doesn’t help is that the microphone does not seem to like picking up Eric. Eric is a THESPIAN and thus knows projection, so I don’t know what it is. But the mic sure likes to pick up my nasal whine and uncomfortable heavy breathing well enough.

    I’m pretty sure we don’t badmouth anyone on these or pledge allegiance to any fascist dictators, so editing will probably be light on part 2.

    We’re glad you like it. We WANT to keep these short and sweet. We have more to say than we thought we would. We’re also experimenting with, uh, Robots With Coffee, and we are thinking of things to do with that. I mean, it’s us, so it doesn’t matter. We’re thinking about some video episodes for the future. So thanks for your support and stay tuned.

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