Episode 6: I would like some Teleport Pants.

The good news for those that like the blogcasts, we recorded a new one. Paul’s gotten the hang of his audio editing stuff and promises the turnaround on episode 7 will be faster. Last night’s session clocked in somewhere around an hour and a half, so we still haven’t learned brevity but I blame Metroplex.

The last part of our delayed recording, Episode 6 is the tail end of the Botcon (in which I incorrectly identify the Rainmakers/Generics stuff) along with a whole buncha other San Diego random-ness; also some delusional hopefulness about Masterpiece Soundwave on my part. I did eventually find one, but not until after much painful watching/hunting/refreshing.

Here’s episode 6:

Robots in Cahoots!

'Til All Are Mine.


One thought on “Episode 6: I would like some Teleport Pants.

  1. I like the podcast, and I hope the next one Is a lot more recent. This one was severely dated. Other than that, it was still solid!

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