Tiny terrors! Hun-Gurrr! Windrazor! Rippersnapper! Sinnertwin/Twinstrike! Blight! Cindersaur! Kre-O and Prime Abominus!

It’s Halloween so it only seems appropriate to post a collection of terrifying ‘bots!



Being the only G1 combiner set I have tracked down and completed as a collector and being Decepticons that transform into an odd assortment of creatures, the Terrorcons are one of my favourite sub-groups of G1. When we were told we would be getting dragons from the Predacon contingent of Transformers Prime I was happy. When we were then told we would be getting a Predacon combiner named Abominus I was doubly so. Especially given that their alt modes are all heavily influenced by.

Though I initially started getting the individually packaged ones, I couldn’t pass up the Target Exclusive giftset of all five done with some translucent plastics. With the help of HasbroToyShop.com and a coupon code, I grabbed the remaining three of the regular releases at the same time I grabbed Prime Prowl.

Despite being Cyberverse Legends class toys, they have a great level of detail and a surprising amount of articulation. I just wish they had done Hun-gurrr in Cyberverse Commander class.

Abominus Prime Hun-gurrr Robots

His alt mode remains a two headed dragon with twice the appetite.

Abominus Prime Hun-gurrr Alts

The only other component of Abominus to keep the same name is Rippersnapper.

Abominus Prime Rippersnapper Robots

Instead of the Shark-Salamander of doom, he is now a bipedal-lizard-thing of doom.

Abominus Prime Rippersnapper Alts

Not too surprisingly, Cutthroat is one to have a full name change. In his place is Windrazor.

Abominus Prime Windrazor Robots

Like the name “Cutthroat”, gone is the chicken-monster. In its place is an alt mode head more closely resembling the pterodactyl-like creature of Cutthroat’s G1 cartoon appearance.

Cutthroat Cartoon

The remainder of his body, like the rest of his teammates, ditches the boxy lines for a more organic dragon.

Abominus Prime Windrazor Alts

Blot becomes Blight.

Abominus Prime Blight Robots

His somewhat-sort-of-an-ape-monster-with-a-long-snout alt mode becomes… well, still pretty much somewhat-sort-of-an-ape-monster-with-a-long-snout.

Abominus Prime Blight Alts

My favourite of the G1 Terrorcons gives way to my favourite of the Prime incarnations. Sadly “Sinnertwin” is either not available or simply deemed not PC enough so he now goes by the far less awesome name of Twinstrike.

Abominus Prime Twinstrike Robots

A far more detailed Orthrus, his alt mode is so good Twinstrike is one of the only upcoming simplified deluxes I am thinking of buying.

Abominus Prime Twinstrike Alts

Combined into the mighty Abominus, the amount of articulation in each individual toy allows for different positioning of his “hands”. Essentially you can come up with an approximation that works for you. I like to use Windrazor’s alt mode head as one full hand and then a massive claw from Twinstrike’s various pieces.

Abominus Prime

A very big missed opportunity here is hinted at in Rippersnapper’s repaint. An homage to his G1 namesake, Prime Cindersaur came packaged with a G1-inspired deco for Smokescreen.

Abominus Prime Cindersaur Alt

The two G1 redecoes packaged together made this Target exclusive set a must buy for me.

Abominus Prime Cindersaur Robot

So we have our Prime Cindersaur, where’s our Flamefeather and Sparkstalker? They could have easily done a version of Blight for Sparkstalker and Windrazor in deep blue for Flamefeather and we would have had a complete set of G1 Firecon homages! Instead we got a red version of Blight packaged with Bumblebee and an upcoming bright green repaint as Rot Gut (albeit a great name). Even stranger, we are getting a repaint of Windrazor as the Autobot Divebomb.

Now, by way of a small confession, I have to admit what really lead me to wanting to do this post are the Kreons of these guys. This is because — while everyone else I know are playing the new Batman game — I am utterly addicted to the new Lego Marvel Superheroes game. Addicted to the point of kinda sorta not posting anything other than the podcast last week (sorry everyone!) I recommend the game highly for the adorable fun factor but the hilarious in-jokes are where the game’s true charm lies. Right now I am on an obsessive quest to get enough gold bricks to unlock Dr. Strange. My dream would be the exact same game; only replacing New York with Cybertron and the Marvel characters with Transformers Kreons. It’ll never happen, but can you imagine the fun?

Abominus Kre-O Robots

Sadly Blight is one of the only Kreons in Wave 2 I have not managed to get yet.

Like most of the Micro Changers, their alt modes are more an abstract suggestion of a thing rather than the thing itself.

Abominus Kre-O Prime Alts

Despite their individual selves being patterned after their Prime counterparts, their combined mode takes more than a few hints from G1 Abominus. This includes the stickers for his chest pieces, which are the only stickers I have applied to them.

Abominus Kre-O

From towering to tiny, they remain some of the most monstrous Decepticons out there.

Abominus Prime Kre-O G1

'Til All Are Mine.


7 thoughts on “Tiny terrors! Hun-Gurrr! Windrazor! Rippersnapper! Sinnertwin/Twinstrike! Blight! Cindersaur! Kre-O and Prime Abominus!

  1. I love Abominus! I collected both versions too. I’m super jealous of your g1 abominus, though I know there is a ko reproduction. Sucks about the kreo, I usually don’t buy a combiner until I collect the blindpack’s members. I’ve heard rumors stirring of simplified deluxe abominus….

    • I didn’t know there was a KO of G1 Abominus! I have had reprolabels for a while now I still need to put on mine.

      Yeah, it extra sucks about the Wave 2 Kreons. I am missing 4 of them with two of those being the Combiner team members. 😦

      I don’t know if I would buy deluxe Prime Abominus. I am still considering grabbing Twinstrike, but he and especially Windrazor look mostly like oversized knock-offs at the deluxe size. I can’t imagine how much of a knock-off the combined mode would look like.

  2. I just finished this guy as well, it was surprisingly hard! Not wanting the translucent versions, I had to try & find each individual at retail. I found Twinstrike & Hungrrr four months ago, and just this past week found Windrazor and Blight. I had to order Rippersnapper b/c apparently he is the hard one to find! I love it though, usually I keep combiners in their combined mode, but in this case I’ll be leaving them in beast modes because they look so good.

    • I don’t think I have ever seen any of them other than Twinstrike and Hun-gurrr at retail. I agree about their awesome beast modes. That’s another part of why I was ok with getting the two sets (well, along with the fact that as Cyberverse they are a lower pricepoint). I am definitely going to display one set combined and one in their beast modes.

  3. You know I originally was turned off by the Target giftset, but after seeing your side by side pics I’m starting to reconsider. A friend just reported finding him locally on clearance so perhaps I should get to a huntin’ this weekend.

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