Certainly not an icy reception in my collection. Ultra Mammoth!

There’s something somewhat strange about the fact that the Beast Wars incarnation of Ultra Magnus is making an appearance in a post before I’ve even gotten around to devoting a post to the City Commander himself. But…

I can’t deal with that right now. (Ha! Straight to the oldest joke in the book in no time flat.

Mostly because there’s this to deal with,

Ultra Mammoth Alt

Ok, that’s not entirely show-stopping. Mammoth’s are admittedly pretty awesome, but setting aside his fabulous shade of blue, we’ve had mammoths in the franchise for roughly fourteen years now, ever since Big Convoy first showed up in Beast Wars Neo.

Ultra Mammoth Alts

What is absolutely, remarkably, splendidly show-stopping is the deco of the robot mode.

Ultra Mammoth Robot

Not just that he is made to look like Ultra Magnus, but the fact that he is Ultra Magnus.

Body by super mode, head by regular mode.

Body by super mode, head by regular mode.

Rather, he is Ultra Mammoth. In essence, this figure — this character — exists to make that pun.

Ultra Mammoth Alt with G1

Magnus joins the Beast Wars era in the same way Hot Rod and Arcee did, through the BotCon/Timelines fiction. Whereas Arcee gained a shiny new spider alt mode — undergoing the “Maximal Upgrade” procedure — Hot Rod remained the same, or at least he did up until they killed him in Wreckers: Finale Part II. Ultra Magnus has chosen was forced to undergo the Maximal Upgrade when he, Prowl, Silverbolt, Ironhide, and Grimlock crash land on a prehistoric Shattered Glass Earth. Though it’s not called the Maximal Upgrade, instead Prowl… well, maybe I should just let him explain.


Maximal Upgrade or not, the end result is the same.

Ultra Mammoth TFCC

Really the only part of this that peeves me is the legitimacy it gives to previous assertions by IDW in their Beast Wars Sourcebook that the components of Magnaboss were actually G1 Prowl, Silverbolt, and Ironhide. All of that is forgivable when we get the big blue behemoth leading them up.

Beast Wars Grimlock not shown due to the tendency of his gold components to turn to powder.

Beast Wars Grimlock not shown due to the tendency of his gold components to turn to powder.

Unlike the 2.0 version of the Subscription Service — where I was only convinced to sign up once they showed Thrustinator — Ultra Mammoth was the ice cream sundae sitting atop a cake full of awesome. In a group that included the amazing Jackpot, Circuit, Slipstream, Breakdown, and Scourge; Ultra Mammoth has proven to be my favourite.

Ultra Mammoth Gun

Though it is sometimes derided for being a “shell-former“, I love everything about this mold. There’s the massive cannon — named “Blue Bolts” after the weapon carried by Robots in Disguise Ultra Magnus — formed from his beast mode’s head and snout that can be left on his back — yet still deployed in battle — or be detached and held.

Ultra Mammoth Gun Held

He has missile launchers in his legs and tonfa fold out from his wrists for some up-close-and-personal beatdowns on Decepticons or Predacons.

Ultra Mammoth Missile & Tonfa

Because I tend to store missiles away, I didn’t even know they had changed the legs missiles on this mold from the original design until I read about it online.Apparently now they are wider and don’t sit as far in. This means they can’t be left in when he is transformed into beast mode. You know where they do fit just fine regardless of what mode Ultra Mammoth is in? In the box. Which is where they will stay.

A feature of the mold that took a little bit of explainin’ is the Matrix stored in his chest.

Ultra Mammoth Matrix Chamber

Currently, this has become the main focus of the Transformers Collectors’ Club Magazine’s comic book. Ultra Mammoth and his band of newly minted Maximals, joined by Depth Charge, are on a hunt for a mysterious “Origin Matrix” that resides on this prehistoric Shattered Glass planet Earth. Hopefully they can use this Deus Ex Machina to undo the spreading damage done when the Ultra Magnus native to the Shattered Glass universe used his Terminus Blade to pull the Earth of the Classics universe into orbit around the Cybertron of Shattered Glass, destroying the remainder of Classics universe in the process.

Catch all that?

tl;dr version: TOY!

Ultra Mammoth Matrix

Being a mold made for Beast Wars Neo, it has a second alt mode, essentially a weaponized version of his beast mode oddly enough.

"Man, I have a splitting headache."

“Man, I have a splitting headache.”

Not as bad as the Unhorse, but it is still a thing that should not happen.

So that would be Ultra Mammoth, a toy that more than lived up to expectations and that I thought I couldn’t possibly love more; but something else has sprung up in the meantime that I am loving even more than the official Collectors’ Club fiction. Over at Shortpacked, David Willis is writing a self-proclaimed “Beast Wars Doujinshi” (I admit, I had to look up “doujinshi”) about Ultra Mammoth’s birth, as a wholly different character than Ultra Magnus, on regular Beast Wars earth at the same time the Maximals and Predacons are fighting elsewhere on the planet. There is a notable guest appearance by a member of the main Beast Wars cast, but that’s the only encounter he has had so far with anyone. I’m not sure what direction it’s headed at this point or even how long it will be, but I must say I have quite enjoyed the ten parts presented so far.

Ultra Mammoth Robot Pose

'Til All Are Mine.


3 thoughts on “Certainly not an icy reception in my collection. Ultra Mammoth!

  1. Cool, a new post! I’m not as big a fan of ultra mammoth as everyone else, but I love the concept. It was funny, I was looking at your old posts and you bought a g1 scoop for that botcon picture because you thought they would never make a new one. Funny how things change. Also, if you want cyberverse Firecons, Goradora has a pretty good flamefeather.

    • Ultra Mammoth is definitely one of those peripheral pieces, certainly not a quintessential collection piece.
      I love the quirky and strange and he falls in both categories.

      I was just looking at that same Scoop post! I’ve been going through old posts and doing a lot of cleaning; removing/updating broken links and moving some media around. Had I done this ever before, I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken me so long. Definitely have to keep up with it more regularly in the future.

      I’ve given up on trying to guess what they’ll come up with next. I do have to imagine that though he appeared somewhat prominently in the BotCon comic but didn’t get a BotCon toy was in part because of the fact that Hasbro already had Generation Scoop in the pipeline. For the same reason they weren’t allowed to do the Subscription Service Doubledealer they were thinking of. Sometimes that works out for the best, because we get a new mold like Scoop. Sometimes it doesn’t, such as the less-than-stellar Doubledealer we’re getting out of Generations.

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