HC SVNT DRACONES. Transformers Prime Predaking!

I was able to hold off buying the voyager class Transformers Prime Predaking because of the promise of a “Beast Fire Predaking” toy in a class called “ultimate”. Prime is the first time “ultimate” is an actual toy class but only by virtue of their being two figures at this size and neither having the word “Ultimate” in their actual name. The previous uses of “Ultimate” include the Movie (2007) Ultimate Bumblebee, Revenge of the Fallen Ultimate Bumblebee Battle Charged, and Dark of the Moon Ultimate Optimus Prime. This time around, the Ultimate class is made of Beast Fire Predaking and the somewhat awkwardly named Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Beast Hunter Optimus Prime. For the sake of both my wallet and some semblance of scale among my display shelves, I opted for ultimate class Predaking but was fine with voyager class Beast Hunters Optimus Prime.

Predaking Prime with BHOP

It’s still only a vague representation of scale seeing as Predaking’s alt mode was absolutely massive in the cartoon described as having “a wingspan of two football fields” in one of the cartoon’s commercials. Granted, as that would give him a total wingspan of well over 600 feet, that seems like a gross exaggeration, but he’s massive nonetheless.

Predaking Prime Cartoon

Still, I love dragon Transformers and it was awesome to get a dragon Transformer with a “HUGE 21-INCH WINGSPAN”.

Predaking Prime Ultimate Alt

How do I know he has a “HUGE 21-INCH WINGSPAN”? ‘Cause the box wasn’t shy about telling me so.

Predaking Prime Box Blurb

Of course, Predaking, leader of the Predacons in Prime, takes his name and deco from the combined form of the original Predacons, G1 Predaking.

Predaking Prime with G1

Predaking’s robot mode is impressively original, while staying within the Prime and specifically Beast Hunters aesthetic. His tail is rounded and works well as a tail in dragon mode, but only somewhat as his sword, the Infernum Blade, in robot mode.

Predaking Prime Ultimate Robot

Along with his sword, he wields two bow-shaped launchers.

Predaking Prime Ultimate Guns

These can also be attached to his wings in alt mode, though they look quite cumbersome.

"Forget walking and chewing gum, try flapping and shooting with your wings at the same time."

“Forget walking and chewing gum, try flapping and shooting with your wings at the same time.”

Wonderfully detailed, his body and both wings are etched with cyberglyphics.

Predaking Prime Glyphs

Cybertron Scourge has the distinction of being not just one, but two influences on Prime Predaking’s toy releases. First, the voyager class toy I planned on not buying includes two detachable, dragon-headed guns that can be placed on his alt mode to mimic Scourge’s cyber-key gimmick. Second, the voyager class toy was released again, this time in the Predacons Rising subline as “Cryofire Predaking”, matching Scourge’s “Cryo Scourge” release. Damn. So much for not buying the voyager release.

Predaking Prime Cryo Alts

For those that don’t want to shell out for the ultimate class toy, the voyager class is actually a decent replacement. The Cryofire release adds a dusting of silver to the edges of his wings, correcting my biggest complaint about the first voyager release; the very plain-looking purely orange wings.

Predaking Prime Cryo Alt

His robot mode is just as intricately detailed as his much larger incarnation. This time his tail is thinner and makes a much better sword than it does a tail.

Predaking Prime Cryo Robot

Those detachable dragon-head cannons can be connected  and used in robot mode.

Predaking Prime Cryo Guns

This release retains some of the cyberglyphics on the wings and chest but adds Cybertronian writing to his arms spelling “Cryo” — strangely in Autobot characters.

Predaking Prime Cryo Arms

Though I have stopped buying the Cyberverse toys for characters I have larger toys of, I just had to buy the Thunder Clash inspired Cyberverse Beast Hunters Optimus Prime, which came in a two pack with a Cyberverse Predaking done in purples and red. So I have now have this character at three size classes in three completely distinct decos.

Predaking Prime Robots

I’m not sure if there was an inspiration for this odd colour palette on Predaking.  This time around his tail forms a gun instead of a sword.

Predaking Prime Cyberverse Robot

For a commander class Cyberverse toy, his alt mode doesn’t have much articulation to it.

Predaking Prime Cyberverse Alt

Articulated or not, he adds one more to my favourite beast-related alt mode.

Hic sunt dracones.

Predaking Prime Dragons

Here [be] dragons.

'Til All Are Mine.


3 thoughts on “HC SVNT DRACONES. Transformers Prime Predaking!

    • At first I had only planned on getting one of each mold. Then it turned out that the two Target exclusive repaints were in the Predacons Rising movie so I had to get them. Then I saw Vertebreak in person and couldn’t resist the crazy paintjob. At this point the only ones I don’t have are some of the repaints of the same molds that are also the same character. 🙂

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