Happy 2014 and welcome to the newly redeco’ed ‘Til All Are Mine!

I know, I know, I have stated many times that I never usually sometimes try not to buy a straight repaint if it’s still the same character. It is true; though the site has a new look and layout, it will still have the same bad attitude character. So why should you buy this?

Buy what? It’s free.

Alrighty. That analogy started out making no sense and then actually lapped itself going at roughly Ludicrous Speed. Next stop: Plaid (I really need to watch that movie again soon.)

Anyhow, here’s the new look. Ta-da! I tried to use a design that gave better visibility to the photos (my favourite part), hence the handy-dandy gallery column on the right and the two column design for larger images in the posts itself. I’ve only had a couple chances to play around with it and will spend the next little bit tweaking here and there. Namely figuring out how to designate which image displays on the main page and how it shows up.

I’ll have the same update schedule of a photo post on Thursday (though with a new resolve to stick to it more closely) but with additional interspersed posts regarding the ‘BotCave — my previously mentioned display room — and rants about things like various news bits and the comics.

Kicking things off tomorrow will be a revisit to the character that kicked off the original photo post design back on October 12, 2010. It’s my second favourite Autobot, G1 Red Alert with a 3rd party update to his Generations release and an Ebay encounter with his Masterpiece release that was an adventure itself.

In the meantime, I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve and here’s to the 30th Anniversary year of Transformers!

30th Anniversary

'Til All Are Mine.


6 thoughts on “Happy 2014 and welcome to the newly redeco’ed ‘Til All Are Mine!

  1. Hey just wanted to let you know I just started reading a few days ago and I’m eating my way through the archives and I’m loving what I’m reading. Thanks for all your work and I’m glad I found your blog!

    • Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying the older stuff. Heading into the 30th Anniversary year, it looks like it’s going to be a great year for the franchise.

    • Thank you! I’m liking the new template but I’m still tweaking it. I realized today that I forgot to turn on the third column on the home page. Now if I could just stop re-ordering the widgets…

  2. The first post was Tako Tank, but his was a more word heavy post with casual pictures taken as almost an afterthought. My first actual attempt at a photo post was Red Alert. I really need to go back at some point and give Tako Tank a true photo post. Maybe I’ll hunt down one of those Bath Fight Tako Tank toys as an excuse to do a whole new Tako Tank post. 🙂

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