Yo, ho, ho, and a can of oil!

I’m not sure if something like this counts as spoilers, but unless you don’t visit any Transformers news sites ever, you are probably already aware that the BotCon 2014 theme — or “half of it anyways” according to the BotCon twitter account — was revealed on the back cover of the retail release of Timelines issue 8.

BotCon 2014 Ad

With the symbol on the flag taken directly from Cannonball, the pirate captain of the Sea Slag, we know two things: half of the theme is pirates and — thanks to another tweet from BotCon — we “know one of the characters”, presumably Cannonball himself will be part of the set. Despite the fact that I won’t be making it to this year’s BotCon, I couldn’t be happier with this theme and will certainly be picking up this year’s box set.

What does all this have to do with this post? The whole thing has put me in the mood for some pirates.

God Neptune Seacon flag

Specifically Space Pirates.

God Neptune Seacon ship

In Beast Wars II — the first of two Takara-only sequels to Beast Wars — we were introduced to the Space Pirate Seacons. That’s the name of their group. Not the space pirates called Seacons, they are the Space Pirate Seacons. Takara for the win.

God Neptune Robots

In space, no one can hear you “Arrr!”

Repaints of only five-sixths of the G1 Seacons, this wouldn’t be the first time the Nautilator mold would get left out. He was also notably absent from the original Hasbro Piranacon box set in 1988. Though it is a pity because the little lobster monster is my favourite of the five smaller Seacons, with the four remaining limbs the super robot can still be formed. In this case, their combined form is God Neptune.

God Neptune Combined

You’d think if they lost a member, he could just use a peg leg.

Being a Scramble City-style combiner, any of the four smaller robots can form any leg or any arm, but God Neptune’s bio amusingly points out the disparity between becoming an arm versus becoming a leg:

“The four members besides Halfshell form the limbs, but it’s a lot tougher on those who become the legs, which sometimes leads to arguments, so the combination doesn’t go very well.”

Combined, they take their lead from Halfshell, but the group has pretty wide range of personalities. One of the most notable changes from the previous two incarnations of the Seacons is the inclusion of a girl-bot. [Note: I am hereby declaring my own personal moratorium on the use of the awful-sounding term “fem-bot”, going instead with the committee approved “girl-bot”. By “committee approved”, I mean I asked my wife what would be the least annoying phrase for a robot exhibiting predominantly female characteristics. All we could come up with was “fem-bot”, “lady-bot”, and “girl-bot”.]

God Neptune Scylla Robot

Scylla, named for the Greek squid monster, is rather vain and not too bright. With all the silliness you expect from a Takara Transformers series, she is in love with the Maximal squid, Scuba, and has as a weapon the “Blowing Kiss of Death”. Though powerfully explosive, the one example I saw of it on Youtube didn’t look overly deadly.

God Neptune Scylla Kiss

The funniest part is that her kiss is deployed in alt mode, rather than robot mode, an alt mode that has big, bright red lips.

God Neptune Scylla Alt

Pucker up.

Next up is the Kup of the group. Coelagon is an “80,000 year old, knowledgeable coelacanth transformer”. The best part?

“However, his ‘knowledge’ of treasures is frequently false.”

God Neptune Coelagon Robot

He was at least correct about the location of the treasure known as the Angolmois energy that brought him and the other Seacons into the conflict on Gaea in Beast Wars II. His alt mode — and name — is appropriately based on the ancient fish, the coelacanth.

God Neptune Coelagon Alt

Of all of them, he’s the one that looks most like some type of Pokemon to me.

From the old man of the group, to the “turbo revvin’ young punk”, Terrormander is “a lazy boy, though once he fights, his destructive power is incredible.”

God Neptune Terrormander Robot

Incredibly destructive isn’t usually a trait you associate with a Manta Ray, but this is a Manta Ray with… feet.

God Neptune Terrormander Alt

Sea Phantom is kind of the Skywarp of the group; “he likes to make surprise attacks with his simple-teleport ability”.

God Neptune Sea Phantom Robot

Other likes possibly include pushing people down stairs.

The unrestrained silliness of the series certainly makes for some entertaining bios; “a great eater that bites everything with his fangs.”

God Neptune Sea Phantom Alt


Last but certainly not least is the leader of the group, the pirate captain Halfshell. Although, he’s certainly not your standard pirate captain; “Shrewd, sees everything in terms of money, but unexpectedly tenderhearted. Big-hearted guy.”

God Neptune Halfshell Robot

Nothing says “tenderhearted” like two giant cannons protruding from your back.

He can carry the sword used in their combined form as well as use the chest piece as a shield.

God Neptune Halfshell Shield

Ironically, for a Seacon, he actually transforms into a tortoise, the land dwelling version of a turtle, but as I stated in a previous post, “it was the 80’s, actual science was hard”. Besides, who’s going to call him out on it when his shell is mounted with two huge cannons?

God Neptune Halfshell Alt

I seriously wish someone would officially subtitle this series so that I can watch it and know what’s going on. The parts I have watched are a lot of fun, even without knowing everything that’s happening. The Seacons seem to be worth it alone.

As far as the toys, one thing that struck me while doing this post is that they are full of so many little details, it’s actually pretty amazing. Grab any one of these guys — or any other incarnation of the molds — and look at them closely, especially in alt mode. From the little claw hands on two of Scylla’s tentacles to the great scales on Coelagon, there is an impressive amount of detail work put into this little monster squad.

God Neptune Alts

'Til All Are Mine.


2 thoughts on “Yo, ho, ho, and a can of oil!

  1. Unlike the rest of the world, it seems the Japanese didn’t un-weird after the eighties. On another note, that color scheme is awesome.

  2. I’ve been on the search for a God Neptune ever since my friend grabbed one last year but I haven’t been able to find one at a good price in the condition that I like.
    Really nice article and you took some nice photos as well.

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