What if Yosemite Sam were a Transformer? Can’t imagine why the personality didn’t carry over…

Did you know that Yosemite Sam,  the roughest, toughest, rip-roarin’-est, hombre whatever packed a six-shooter, has a full name?

Samuel Michelangelo Rosenbaum.

Quickstrike Yosemite Sam

How do I know this? The internet — in particular the Looney Tunes Wiki — says so and the internet never lies.

What does this piece of trivia have to do with this post? Nothing. Nothing whatsoever.

Yosemite Sam himself, however, is tangentially related to this post being practically a template for one of the many quirky characters of the Beast Wars era.

"That Yosemite Sam sure does tahk peculiar."

“That Yosemite Sam sure does tahk peculiar.”

The redneck-sounding, trigger-happy Fuzor was especially notable for awakening from his stasis pod as a Maximal protoform but already willing to side without reservations with the Predacons — no Predacon shell program needed! Pretty sure if you are headed out on an exploratory mission to survey uninhabited worlds, that’s not the guy you want to bring, even if he is spending the voyage in cold storage.

Once he made planetfall and scanned for an alt mode with a broken DNA scanner, he and his fellow episode-mate, Silverbolt, became the show’s only Fuzors; a new breed that gave rise to some of the greatest oddities in Transformers history, such as Torca. While SIlverbolt got a wolf/eagle hybrid — two animals that are often associated with pride and nobility — Quickstrike quite appropriately got two animals that are generally associated with danger and aggression, a scorpion with a cobra where its stinger should be.

Quickstrike BW Alt

As strange as his alt mode was, his robot mode had all eight of his scorpion legs for one hand and his cobra head for the other.

Quickstrike BW Robot Posed

Of course, this type of non-traditional configuration was pretty normal throughout Beast Wars. So, what happens when you take this design and push into a much more traditional configuration, i.e. give him actual hands?

Darksteel DOTM Robot

A surprising and brilliantly done homage, Dark of the Moon Darksteel was an homage of Quickstrike because the designer, Lenny Panzica, “likes snakes”. Something about the design still refuses to stay within the traditional lines entirely; being a remold of Dark of the Moon Sideswipe, he is basically meant to have wheels for feet at the end of bird-like legs.

Darksteel DOTM Robot Posed

He comes with a remold of Dark of the Moon Starscream’s MechTech weapon, but it doesn’t suit the mold at all. His hands don’t really have the freedom to be able to hold it well, neither split as two guns, nor joined together as a bladed staff. The best I could manage as two guns was to have him hold them underneath his hands.

Darksteel DOTM Robot Guns

There is just no non-awkward way for him to hold the combined weapon.

"Just stand there for a moment while I figure out how to stab you with this thing."

“Just stand there for a moment while I figure out how to stab you with this thing.”

It is clear the weapon was chosen for the extending blade mechanism which slightly resembles a scorpion tail and stinger.

Darksteel DOTM Staff Combined

The whole thing is somewhat pointless, considering that as a remold of the original Stabby McWheelfeet, he has blades built-in to his arms.

Darksteel DOTM Robot Blades

All things considered, it really is a well-done homage, incorporating the design of the cobra head directly into his robot mode head.

Quickstrike and Darksteel DOTM Robot

Unfortunately the design means that the homage does not extend to his alt mode as it reflects none of the golden colour from his robot mode.

Darksteel DOTM Alt

Surprisingly, attaching the weapons in alt mode is slightly less awkward than in robot mode.

Darksteel DOTM Alt Guns

Sadly the homage doesn’t extend to his personality either. Whereas Quickstrike proved to be an easily manipulated, vaguely psychopathic thug, Darksteel’s entire tech spec is the polar opposite:

“Darksteel is a traditionalist. As a student of the most respected Decepticon warrior on Cybertron, he learned there is no substitute for a razor-sharp blade and clever mind. Blasters and cannons get the job done, but may fail in the heat of battle.The blade never falters!”

Although come to think of it, the two of them would make one heck of a buddy-movie.

"Giddyup, partner!"

“Giddyup, partner!”

'Til All Are Mine.


3 thoughts on “What if Yosemite Sam were a Transformer? Can’t imagine why the personality didn’t carry over…

    • Thanks! One of the things that really sold Darksteel to me was the use of the mold of my favourite movie-verse Autobot. I’ve seen some images of people making a makeshift scorpion mode out of Darksteel, which just look silly.

  1. That picture in the end! This is one big reason I love collecting Transformers, the crossovers between franchises.
    That way, you can put a giant scorbaion and a car together, and they both turn into robots, and it’s awesome.

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