A month into the new year and I’m already breaking promises to myself. I am currently performing a major role in a play for which we are in the final two weeks of rehearsal. This has devoured any and all time outside of work and commitments. I finally managed to get the January 23rd post up four days late, but there’s not going to be a photo post for January 30th or February 6th. Full photo posts will return next Thursday, February 13th (though it may still be a day or two late, as that is our opening night).

In the meantime, there’s plenty of other stuff going on in the Transformers world. I myself am a big fan of the movies (yes, even Revenge of the Fallen) and have a general anti-spoiler policy of staying as far from all news, trailers, etc. beforehand. With the trailer recently released during the Super Bowl, I’ve already had to drop people off my facebook wall and twitter feed. However, one thing I definitely investigated was the first toy already released for Age of Extinction, First Edition Optimus Prime as an Amazon exclusive.

Age of Extinction First Edition Optimus

We had previously seen images of the toy before, but this exclusive version adds — as far as I can tell — only some chrome applications. I’m already not too big of a fan of the mold, thanks to the giant backpack he’s wearing, and the chrome really isn’t selling it too me any further. When you add a price tag of $60 to the mix, I found this one an easy pass. If it gets a sale price later on, I might jump at it, and I would definitely buy a lower-priced, non-chromed, retail release of the toy.

Also, as a preview of the cover to the Collector’s Club Issue 5, BotCon released the other half of their “Pirates vs. ???????” theme and it’s Knights.

TFCC Issue 55

Replete with their very own version of the Autobot symbol, I am still not even sure what “Knights” means, but I am intrigued enough to be interested. Of course, it could have been “Pirates vs. Grandmas” and I still would have bought the set for the Pirates alone. Some other interesting news has come out about the set itself, as well as the souvenir add-ons, that has made me very glad that I have a hook-up to get the toys to me from BotCon despite not attending this year. (Can not thank you enough, Jason!) In a post at the Allspark forums, Pete said that there would be 5 Knights, 5 Pirates, “all the toys are Pirates and Knights.” Also, “some Pirate troop builders and one Decepticon rogue who may or may not end up on the side of the Pirates.” As far as I am concerned, those sentences went, “Pirates, Pirates, Pirates, and mooooooore Pirates. Aaaargh.”

Thundertron Design

'Til All Are Mine.


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