I was into Ancient Cybertronian before it was cool…

I’m not saying Optimus Prime was once a hipster-bot or anything, but he was a librarian “archivist” filing data recordings in ancient Cybertronian.

Orion Pax Hipster

“I read some pretty obscure ancient Cybertronian languages. You’ve probably never heard of them. “

Ok, fine, I put the glasses on him, but I didn’t make this part up,

Orion Pax Spotlight Panel

This came from Spotlight: Orion Pax which attempted to explain how Orion in the IDW universe somehow went from being a hulking, large bot in Chaos Theory to the smaller, thinner, mouth and nose sporting ‘bot in Spotlight: Blurr and then back to the large bruiser look for Stormbringer.

Orion Pax Spotlight Panel 2

Just like that, this body became pretty much a throw away. I would be more annoyed, but it allowed us to get the first ever new-mold toy of the sometimes librarian.

Orion Pax Generations Robot

That’s no archivist. That’s IDW’s “all-new, all-improved, almost invincible” upgraded form of the graduate of the Institute for Higher Programming, erstwhile attendee of the Academy of Science and Technology, hero, and Captain of the Rodion police force, Orion Pax.

Orion Pax Generations Head

I understand completely; Hasbro’s need “To Sell Toys” overrides my need to make this guy into a glorified librarian, which is why he comes with an awesome-looking axe and gun rather than a Cybertronian Dewey Decimal card catalog accessory and transforms into a sorta-earthen-like truck rather than a library cart.

Orion Pax Generations Alt

However, given his stature, it is easy enough to imagine this pre-Prime version of Optimus to be that archivist.

Orion Pax Generations with Optimus Prime

While it is the first new mold Orion Pax we’ve received, this isn’t the first Orion Pax toy that’s been released. The first was a straight repaint of G1 Targetmaster Kup released as an E-Hobby exclusive in 2005. He came packaged with his fellow dock worker and pal, Dion, repainted from Wheelie, and a repaint of Recoil as Barrelroller (or more specifically: pre-Prime Roller).

Orion Pax G1 Toy

Being based on G1 Orion Pax he also isn’t an archivist, but a “laborer robot” who “conducted delivery work at the energon storehouses”. The mold actually works surprisingly well, something I sadly didn’t realize at the time of his release.

Orion Pax G1 Cartoon

So, will we ever get a toy of Orion Pax, archivist extraordinaire? Actually, we just did. It’s Kre-O to the rescue!

Orion Pax Kreon

“The gun? It’s for overdue fines.”

As evidenced by the detailing on his head, he is clearly designed after his G1 cartoon model.

Orion Pax Kreon Head

His Kre-O bio — printed in the “Kre-O Transformers Character Encyclopedia” that he comes with — makes it completely certain,

“Orion Pax never imagined the adventures he’d see when he was back filing books on Cybertron. The future Prime once had a quiet and simple life. Now he spends his time space-bridging to battles separated by light-years.”

Our librarian even comes with a clear plate with Autobot text printed on it.

Orion Pax Kreon Tile

The letters on the piece spell out “kreo”.

Orion Pax Auobot Text

Perhaps this “book” Kreon Orion Pax carries contains a copy of the Kre-O Character Encyclopedia? That would be delightfully meta.

Orion Pax Robots

“Here is the story of my people. Please file it appropriately.”

'Til All Are Mine.



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