Technically difficulties…

After bouts of fighting with my camera, I have managed to narrow it down to either the Auto-focus motor housed in the lens itself or the sensors where the lens attaches to the body. Fingers crossed it’s just the sensors; I’m going to give them a good cleaning and hope for the best. Sadly I don’t yet own another lens to see if the problem lies with the lens itself.


Technically I could do posts with my phone’s camera, but as you can see above, the quality is not-so-great.

And just in case you were wondering, no, Grimlock has been of no help in this at all.

'Til All Are Mine.

2 thoughts on “Technically difficulties…

  1. Hey man, your phone camera is fine. I really like your reviews and you have a whole year of catching up to do. I would be grateful if you could review some of the Combined Wars figures. Thanks.

    • If I’m just messing up or something, then could you please help me out? If you’ve still been reviewing, then it’s not showing up for me….

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