Full Circle, Part 2: “It’s not revenge I’m looking for. It’s justice.”

Though Rampage’s story is certainly tragic, it can’t hold a candle to Depth Charge’s. Whomever he was before his encounter with Protoform X on Omicron, we’ll probably never know. After all his fellow Maximals at Colony Omicron were killed (and possibly eaten?) by the rampaging Protoform X, Depth Charge swore he would bring the murderer to justice. It took four years, following X’s trail of destruction, including the destroyed Starbase Rugby, but Depth Charge captured X. He went before the council, asking for them to find some way to extinguish the inextinguishable spark of X. Showing the level of solid decision making that got everyone in this situation to begin with they opted instead to pawn X off on Optimus Primal and the crew of the Axalon.

“Dump him on some abandoned moon somewhere.”

Next thing you know X, now known as Rampage, ends up gurgling and spitting crazy on prehistoric Earth. Enter our intrepid, sad, and emotionally broken hero. Of course, by “enter” I mean “fall through the same wibbly wobbly timey wimey hole as everyone else”.

Soon the archrivals are reunited and their battle continues. Ten episodes later, their struggle would culminate in a final undersea fight.

Depth Charge kills Rampage

“Raw energon! Right through your twisted spark!”

Depth Charge would put that “indestructible spark” to the test by shoving a sharp blade of raw energon through it. The massive resulting explosion would reduce them both to scrap, most certainly killing Depth Charge and apparently killing Rampage. Since it aired, this fight has sparked many conversations. Rampage releases his grip on the blade, laughing maniacally while he allows Depth Charge to run him through. Is it simply because Rampage is crazy? Is it because he was tired of his twisted, tortured existence? We’ll never really know. All we know is that their story comes full circle. It started in death and it ends in death.

Depth Charge BW Battle

Depth Charge’s toy shares Rampage’s aesthetic: a core robot that is very close to the animation model with kibble that his animation model minimizes greatly.

Depth Charge BW Robot

Depth Charge’s toy is especially guilty of this.

Depth Charge BW Back

One of my favourite things about Depth Charge is his torpedo launching “Cybershark” drone/gun. The end of his alt mode can also be popped off to be used as a sword

Depth Charge BW Gun Sword

His chest/beast mode mouth disc launching mechanism is also a lot of fun.

Depth Charge BW Discs


Speaking of alt modes, his manta ray beast mode is perfect with surprisingly articulated pectoral fins (or “wings”), and just like Rampage’s, it’s pretty large with a spectacular colour scheme.

Depth Charge BW Beast

Though the point goes to Rampage for having a beast mode that is useful both in water and on land. Depth Charge does get point back a little for having an alt mode that flies. His Transmetal vehicle mode is… well, remember in the last post when I mentioned that a bunch of the Transmetal vehicle modes were clearly afterthoughts?

Depth Charge BW Alt

His third mode is an air skimmer… or something like that. Both Rampage and Depth Charge have their names tampographed on them.

Depth Charge Names

Both have them in places they can’t actually see, so I guess it’s just in case their comrades forget who they are? Granted, both are pretty darn anti-social, so that’s not entirely impossible. As the 2014 Transformers Collectors Club membership exclusive, the Timelines release of Rampage was a pretty nice surprise. More importantly than that though, it completed a circle of its own by following the 2013 membership exclusive toy of Timelines Depth Charge.

Depth Charge Timelines Robot

Repainted from Hunt for the Decepticons Terradive, Timelines Depth Charge comes off looking like younger version of Beast Wars Depth Charge.

Depth Charge Robots

His trident weapon is actually kinda perfect in this case.

Depth Charge Timelines Trident

Granted, his alt mode, based on the Sukhoi Su-47 supersonic jet fighter, is slightly less perfect in this case, but given his Beast Wars vehicle alt mode it’s still acceptable.

Depth Charge Timelines Alt

I have, multiple times, expressed my love of this mold and this iteration is certainly no exception. Especially with this colour scheme. Say what you want about Fun Pub, but holy jeebus they know how to make a gorgeous toy.

Depth Charge Timelines and Rampage

So there you have it. A story with a beginning, a middle, and an end that ends where it began.

Depth Charge Battle

'Til All Are Mine.



3 thoughts on “Full Circle, Part 2: “It’s not revenge I’m looking for. It’s justice.”

  1. Reading the second part of this post, I was thinking ‘Please show a picture of all of them together, please show a picture of all of them together!’
    The ending sparked intense joy in my heart.

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