♪♫Yes, I like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain…♫♪

♪♫ I’m not much into health food, I am into champagne ♫♪

Ok, strictly speaking that’s not entirely true. I actually do like health food, though I am really, really into champagne, so it kinda evens out. Like, really, really, reeeeeally into champagne.

I’ll be right back.

Huh, no champagne in the house, but I did find a lovely goblet full of red wine, so score! Now that my drink selection is all sorted out, what does all this talk of alcoholic beverages have to do with today’s post?

Nothing! Or everything, depending on whom you ask. See, this is Beast Wars Neo‘s Cohrada,

Cohrada Head

Unless he’s not. His name is translated from Japanese katakana characters into the letters English-speakers are more familiar with (known as “romanization“) either as “Cohrada” or possibly “Colada”. Now, “Cohrada” doesn’t actually mean anything. Meanwhile the closest meaning that can be found for “Colada” — following the Spanish-theme of his conquistador-style helmet and poncho — is either:

  • a famous sword owned by Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, the Castilian hero known more popularly as “El Cid” and the legendary first crusader of the Reconquista.
  • the alcoholic beverage of Puerto Rican orgin, the Piña Colada.
Mmmm (Image courtesy of R_lion_O.)

Mmmm (Image courtesy of R_lion_O.)

While the real El Cid was far more likely to have been a Machivellian tactician than a Conquistador (and far more interesting than his legendary depiction in my humble opinion), it really makes more sense to me that our Maximal Military Academy honour student and general all-around tailpipe-kicker would be named after the sword than the fruity drink.

Cohrada Robot

You never know though, maybe he’s just a big fan of coconut, pineapple, and rum. I know I am. None of this truly matters because I was introduced to the character as “Cohrada” and that has stuck. It’s also stuck with a portion of the fandom thanks to the only English fiction bearing the character’s name, IDW’s less-than-stellar bio compilation, Transformers Beast Wars Sourcebook.

Cohrada Sourcebook

Of course, Cohrada’s not the only Beast Wars Neo character with romanization issues.

"Heinlad? Heinrad? I'm still not sure dude."]

“Heinlad? Heinrad? I’m still not sure dude.”]

There are some that think that it is actually meant to be “Cohrada” as a sort of mis-transliteration of “Cobra”, based on his alt mode.

Cohrada Alt

Regardless of whatever his name is or was supposed to be, he makes for a great toy with a seriously great paintjob. His colour variations are striking and the markings on the back of his alt mode hood are especially vivid and owl-like.

Cohrada Alt Back

Interestingly his alt mode is articulated in two different ways. Ball joints for the top five and swivel joints for the last eight adds stability while allowing for a level of articulation that defies the fact that almost the entirety of his robot mode is contained within the upper body of the snake.

Cohrada Alt Posed

His robot mode has the level of articulation we expect from the Beast-era toys.

Cohrada Robot Posed

Like his Beast Wars Neo brethren, he has a third weapon mode but just like all of them, it is clearly an afterthought. Remember the Unhorse? His is not even worth the time it takes to mistransform him into it. Luckily someone with the aforementioned Sourcebook took the time to draw it for us instead.

Cohrada Sourcebook Gun mode

Oof. Pardon me while I refill my wine glass; it took downing the rest of my glass just to post that ridiculous image. In a clever bit of engineering, his gimmick, a spray gun mounted on his left arm, can also be used in alt mode.

Cohrada Alt Gun

Cohrada would eventually go on to inspire Corhada, a snake-based Predacon monster in the Kre-O line.

Cohrada with Corhada


While easy enough for a Kre-O release (maybe even too easy?) a snake is obviously not an easy alt mode for a Transformer to pull of in a toy. So much so that we’ve only had the two full snakes, both of which were cobras. To their credit, they both transform very differently from each other.

Normally this would be where I put a picture of the two of them for comparison (Night Viper is the other, though a Cobra isn’t a viper so his name is rather misleading) but I believe I have now consumed enough wine that juggling plastic bins in the closet to retrieve Night Viper would probably end about as well as the Wicked Witch of the East’s last encounter with a house.

And on that equally tragic note, I am out of wine.

"Empty booze receptacle? Apache must have been here recently..."

“Empty booze receptacle? Apache must have been here recently…”


'Til All Are Mine.

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