I wanna punch something! Can I punch something?

Hasbro! You are seriously trying my patience with this Robots in Disguise nonsense. Now, I do like the deluxe “warrior” class Grimlock toy.

Grimlock RiD Deluxe Robot

Heck, I liked it enough to buy it a second time in G1-inspired colours with a new facemask-wearing headsculpt.

Grimlock RiD Gold Armor Robot

The mold even has a good, screen accurate alt mode.

Grimlock RiD Deluxe Alts

So what’s the problem?

Grimlock RiD Alt with Bumblebee

Scale has never been a thing with any Transformers toyline, but thanks to the three sizes of “scout/legends” “deluxe” and “voyager”, it could more or less be accounted for. Now, without the larger voyager class at all, you end up with this tiny T-Rex problem.

Grimlock RiD Legends Alt

Well, maybe not that tiny of a T-Rex problem, but certainly a noticeable size discrepancy. Yes, I am aware that TakaraTomy is looking out for us, same as they are doing with the all-new mold TAV-21 and TAV-33 Optimus Prime releases. Even before watching the season finale of Robots in Disguise (2015), I knew I had to have this larger Optimus mold. I pre-ordered TAV-33 since it’s the one that both interacts with the Mini-cons and most looks like Optimus’ final appearance in the season. I was doubly happy about my decision when images of TAV-33 showed up from the “Japanese Christmas Toy Trade Fair”.

Beautiful. Hasbro, take note.

Beautiful. Hasbro, take note.

I had initially dismissed TAV30 “Battle” Grimlock as a retool of Fall of Cybertron Grimlock, a toy of which I really don’t like the alt mode. Also, I’m already spending extra money to import Optimus, and as Prime/Arms Micron taught me, the importing game is a very, very slippery slope. Then the official images of him hit and let’s just say that after seeing just how much he is retooled, my resolve to not buy him took a huge hit.

Grimlock RiD TAV-30

Such a wonderful looking toy regardless of size. I just know I’m going to cave and end up picking him up — most likely on the floor at BotCon next year if not before — so why haven’t I yet? The main reason is that Hasbro has given us an acceptable stop-gap. Deep down, all I really want is to be able to complete this picture.

Robots in Disguise Team

The 3-step Changer release of Grimlock lets me do pretty much that.

Grimlock RiD Team

With his perfectly sized alt mode, the only real problem is the lack of articulation inherent in a 3-step mold.

Grimlock RiD 3-step Alt

Of course, to make a large enough alt mode that transforms in three steps, he has a very oversized, highly screen inaccurate, equally lacking in articulation robot mode.

Grimlock RiD 3-step Robot

You know what else he is? A lot of fun to transform. That aside, he fills out the display nicely in alt mode. That combined with images that Takara designer Shogo Hasui tweeted making the voyager release look a little bit too tall in robot mode are what is currently stopping me from importing the $45 + shipping voyager release.

This still only somewhat slightly curbs my frustration with the Hasbro toyline’s lack of voyager releases and missing Decepticon Warrior class releases. The worst part is, they have no one to blame but themselves and Polygon Pictures as well, I guess. If the characters and designs in the show weren’t so freaking good, a lot of us wouldn’t be clamoring for toys to be made of them. Especially when it comes to the Ex-Decepticon turned Autobot-with-hair-trigger-punching-fists that has quickly become my favourite character of the Robots in Disguise cartoon.

Grimlock RiD Nightmare

I never buy Legends releases any more of toys that come in larger class release but I like Grimlock enough that I bought his Legends toy to join the other little bots on my desk at work (albeit at 20% off and free shipping from Hasbrotoyshop.com).

Grimlock RiD Legends Robot

Essentially, what I am trying to say is that even though I am whining about there not being enough toys in this line, I own four of just this one guy. Robotic dinosaurs. What can I say?.

Grimlock RiD Alts

'Til All Are Mine.


5 thoughts on “I wanna punch something! Can I punch something?

  1. The lack of decepticon warrriors and my general desire to curb my plastic crack spending makes me glad I have avoided this line. They’re everywhere I go when I scope out the toy aisle at Walmart, but I won’t allow the temptation to get me, no matter how much I love the designs. Whenever you get tempted by that Takara voyager, just remember the completely hollow belly of the FOC mold and you should be ok.

    • That’s the worst part, for all the nonsense — and there is A LOT of nonsense between the 3-steps/1-steps/5-steps/Mini-Con Deployers — the stuff they do right is soooo good. I admire the amount of fortitude it must take to avoid it completely.

      • It’s been kinda tough. I love the aesthetic and the dudes on WTF@TFW love talking about how great some of the Warriors are. I’ve thought about just getting Grimmy because it’s probably my favorite version of that character, ever, but my inner completionist won’t let it happen.

        On top of that, I still need CW Magnus and CW Megs, so I had to sacrifice RID to feed my Genrations addiction.

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